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Establishing a Community with James Mulvany

A compelling message, targeted recruitment, and low barrier to entry helped one entrepreneur grow community membership from zero to 3,000 in 3 months.

cme podcast episode 37

James Mulvany, Founder of Podcast.co and it's flagship solution MatchMaker.fm, believes in offering value first in foremost to grow a community. 

To prove out his community concept and value proposition, he started with a test utilizing Google forms and sheets to connect podcast hosts and podcast guests. From these small beginnings he has developed a platform for this community, and is about to achieve a big milestone of 10,000 members. 

James attributes his success to a few factors:

  1. Creating the right value proposition. Early adopters received special perks, and new community members today join due to clear messaging which puts their needs at the forefront.
  2. LinkedIn recruitment. With help with automation tools, James identifies his target persona and can efficiently reach out with personalized messaging.
  3. Tapping into member's networks. Next up for James is to encourage community members to share profiles with their own social networks, thereby expanding the reach for the MatchMaker.Fm community as a whole.

On the episode we also discussed the growing popularity of podcasts, and how it is an interesting and fruitful way for companies to grow awareness to new audiences. James and I offer tips we've seen in how to pitch your company spokesperson to a podcast or event host.