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Should You Add Retargeting to Your Marketing Plan with Jeff Mendelson

By Wendy Covey | CEO and Co-Founder

Retargeting is practically a staple of B2C digital advertising campaigns, but should B2B technical companies adopt this tactic too? Let the debate begin.


In this episode I'm joined by fellow marketing agency owner Jeff Mendelson. Jeff and his agency have a strong focus in digital marketing, and are big proponents of retargeting. Retargeting is a form of online advertising where targeted ads are served up to users based on previous actions they've taken. In short, this is why the shoes you viewed on the Nordstrom website are now following you around the internet, so to speak.


Jeff makes a strong case that retargeting is a highly inexpensive tactic for improving brand awareness and staying top-of-mind during the buyer's journey. Given that the lead has already visited your website, the chances that you are gaining impressions from a qualified buyer are far greater than other higher-funnel activities. 


Jeff and I discussed what types of content perform best when retargeting, and both agreed to be very thoughtful when making this decision. Educational resources are always a better offer earlier in the buyers journey as opposed to solution-based ads. Engineers are already very wary of being marketed to, so choosing education over promotion will feel less intrusive and more helpful.


There are many technology solutions to help you manage retargeting campaigns, however Jeff prefers working within the source -- Google, LinkedIn, etc. as he finds it to be more cost efficient and build with self-serve features to help the user get up and running quickly.


When not spinning up a digital marketing campaign, Jeff is the host of The One Big Tip Podcast, where business leaders share one practical idea and how to implement to get the best performance. 









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Wendy Covey

CEO and Co-Founder

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