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Content Marketing, Engineered Academy

Hone your writing skills through an 8-hour, in-depth training course, the first of many offered by Content Marketing, Engineered Academy.

The newly launched Content Marketing, Engineered Academy offers on-demand courses for marketers and writers in technical industries. Our first course, Content Writing, Engineered is an 8-hour, self-paced course that walks you through a proven technical research and writing process. You'll learn how to write content that converts, diving into specifics for eight of the most popular content types. The course includes how to collaborate with subject matter experts, manage the internal review process efficiently, and very specific editing tips. You'll also learn how to enhance content with images, optimize content for search, and other content packaging best practices.

On this podcast episode Morgan Norris, Lead Instructor of Content Writing, Engineered, walks through each course module in detail. The course is constructed for professionals in technical companies responsible for content creation, whether they are marketers, engineers, or freelance writers.