Lead Pipeline Management

Technical prospects complete 68% of the buyers journey before they engage with sales*. To efficiently move leads through your pipeline, sales and marketing should have shared definitions and goals. They each have a role in finding new prospects, nurturing leads, and building trust. By working together, you'll greatly increase your success of meeting your revenue goals, and create one seamless experience for the prospect -- delivering value and building trust with each touchpoint. 

*Data source:  Research report -- Marketing and Selling through the Buyers Journey

How can TREW Marketing support my sales team?

  • Lead pipeline management workshop for sales & marketing
  • Company/division/solution positioning and messaging
  • Presentation development - Powerpoint, whiteboard, video
  • Sales enablement content - email templates, case studies, ROI studies
  • Intelligent lead nurturing workflows
  • Lead scoring
  • HubSpot CRM onboarding

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