Beginner’s Guide to HubSpot: Smart Fields and Progresssive Profiling

In this video, we’ll look at how to create what HubSpot calls ‘Progressive Profiling' using the Smart Fields capability in their marketing platform.

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Overview of the Video

Progressive profiling is a method of data capture where you progressively collect valuable new information about your leads with new form fields in order to keep your forms short and easy to complete. Smart Fields are the HubSpot tools that allow you to do this.

According to TREW’s research with CFE Media on the content preferences of engineers, visitors will only fill out between one and five fields to get to a piece of gated content.

Since Smart Fields can be replaced with new fields that have not been filled yet, and can be prepopulated with known information, they are essential to implementing progressive profiling.

Pro Tips:

The HubSpot Forms tool allows you to use the same form for many purposes, without having to recreate it. Therefore, you should only create a few forms to use for all types of content or purposes.

To prepare for progressive profiling, make sure your marketing and sales teams agree on the standard fields that will be on every single one of your forms, regardless of the form’s purpose. Keep this list to no more than three fields (first and last names can count as one field in this case). Though these fields might be pre-populated with information, these fields will appear on all forms

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