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Case Study: Wineman Technology

Case Study: Software Product Launch 


Leading-edge products demand equally new and refined test systems for verification and validation. Wineman Technology (WTI), based in Saginaw, MI, and a TREW customer since 2009, specializes in designing and building custom test equipment including electronics test, dynamometers and rotating equipment and hydraulics test equipment.

WTI has a mix of services and software product offerings to support the development of test systems across the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics and biomedical industries. In Q2 2017, they introduced a new software product, CANalytics. TREW worked with the product development, marketing/sales, and leadership teams at WTI to develop a product launch plan, messaging and value proposition, co-marketing plan with key performance indicators, and marketing/sales enablement content.

WTI case study image 4 Wineman Technology CANalytics receives the National Instruments

LabVIEW Tools Network Application Enablement Product of the Year at NIWeek 2017.

Project Deliverables

  • Product positioning and messaging
  • National Instruments (NI) partner co-marketing strategy and implementation, including:
    • Live webinar
    • On-demand webinar
    • Promotion in NI's global Enewsletter
  • Web page design focusing on product features and benefits and including buyer’s journey content:
    • Data sheet
    • Product demo video
    • Competitor product comparison chart 
    • Access to a 30-day trial
  • Promotional blog posts

Project Results

  • In the first six months of the product launch: 
  • Received National Instruments LabVIEW Tools Network Application Enablement Product of the Year award
  • 212 news release postings to online sources
  • 1 placement in EE Times online
  • >200 on-demand webinar views
  • 30% conversion rate from web page to next activity

Project Gallery: Final Deliverables

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