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Case Study: Knowles Precision Devices

It’s difficult to ignore the benefits surrounding an inbound marketing approach and the positive results it can produce for companies in engineering and technical industries. In this day and age technical audiences expect to access service and product information on vendor websites and social media channels, allowing them to research and draw comparisons before making a purchasing decision.

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Knowles Precision Devices, a division of Knowles Corporation that focuses on production of highly engineered capacitors and microwave to millimeter wave components was faced with the opportunity to increase market share in key markets as they evolved. The company partnered with TREW Marketing to develop and execute their inbound marketing strategy from the ground up.

Inbound Marketing Process 

Beginning with a full marketing plan, TREW worked closely with the team at Knowles to establish buyer personas based on their target audience. Then, we defined S.M.A.R.T. marketing goals, specific campaigns, and an overarching marketing strategy in support. 

Once a full marketing plan was in place, we developed a detailed content plan focusing on four content themes targeted to their personas depending on where they were in the various stages of the buyer's journey. The plan was designed to move the needle in three core areas, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Overall traffic and engagement
  • Website leads and new contacts

Inbound Marketing Project Sample

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Inbound Marketing Project Results

In year one, Knowles Precision Devices saw tangible results. Their overall web traffic grew 38% and their organic traffic increased by 24%. They are currently in their second year of inbound marketing and are seeing their results continue to grow. This year, they’ve seen a 50% increase in their web traffic, 28% increase in new contacts, and a 51% increase in web leads. 

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