Social Media for Engineers: Top Platforms

By Katie Borel

When it comes to social media for engineers, finding the right platform, or platforms, can be challenging.  This blog post will guide you through selecting the right platforms for your audience, making social media simple and easy.

Top Social Media Platforms for B2B 

Now that we have gone over social media best-practices, let's discuss the top social media platforms for B2B audiences. Studies show that LinkedIn is the top performing platform to reach a B2B audience. Let's look at the best platforms for technical audiences.


2018 research shows LinkedIn as the highest performing platform for B2B marketers

1. YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to use if you plan on promoting video content such as demos or product walkthroughs.  Fill out the profile as fully as possible and make sure it stays current.  It is also helpful to create different playlists to make finding specific videos easy for your audience. 

vertech youtube channel

TREW-client, Vertech, publishes demo videos to their YouTube channel. Check them out here.

2. LinkedIn

When it comes to delivering content and securing audience engagement, LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform. As B2B marketers, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to target engineers and other technical audiences. At TREW, we have seen a lot of success with sponsoring LinkedIn posts to technical audiences. LinkedIn allows you to target specific companies and job titles. 


Here's an example of a LinkedIn post from IEEE DataPort.

 3. Twitter

Twitter is another platform that does really well by B2B technical audiences. For company's that attend trade shows and conferences, Twitter can maximize the impact of your booth or presentation if you use event hashtags.

For instance, if your company presents at NI Week, you could use the even hashtag to promote your presentation. Fewer companies send attendees to conferences, but professionals will still check even hashtags to see what they missed at a conference or trade show. 

ni week

Here's some examples of event tweets. 

What about Facebook?

When it comes to technical marketing, Facebook isn't going to give you the best results. But company Facebook pages are a great place to display your company culture. We typically use Facebook to post photos from company picnics or holiday parties. While you certainly can white papers and webinars on Facebook, we notice that these types of posts don't perform as well on Facebook as they do on Twitter and LinkedIn for technical B2B audiences. 


Interested in learning more about B2B content marketing towards engineers?  Download our free Brand Positioning and Marketing Ebook. 

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