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4 Tips for Achieving a Strong Market Positioning Statement

What is Market Positioning?

6 Reasons Outsourcing Your Marketing is A Great Idea

Why should you consider outsourcing your marketing? There are many good reasons but most of them come down to dollars and expertise. Unlike sales, marketing is an expense -- not a money-maker. The sales team is usually the last department to be cut. Having too many marketers can potentially drain your profits, but too few can lead to an overworked team. At times you may need outside opinions because you are too close to the situation, which can lead to tunnel vision. If you feel adding more staff will make your company unbalanced or you just need some clarity from an expert, it is probably time to consider outsourcing your marketing.

Most Likely to Succeed…with Engineers

September 10, 2015 Gated content in an inbound marketing program is imperative to a successful plan. The tricky part is deciding what and how much information to ask for. The answer to the question, “How much information is too much information?” varies greatly from audience to audience. Younger targets are more likely to openly offer information than some of their older counterparts. So how about engineers? What fields will they be likely to fill out? Which fields are most likely to garner a successful contact? At TREW, we can help shed some light on that. We conducted a survey to help our clients and others marketing to engineers determine the best ways to reach them. When it comes to creating lead forms, we at TREW recommend, using 5 or less fields. But what fields should you use? The results from our survey help to give marketers very clear direction.

The Worst Advice I’ve Heard About Marketing

September 3, 2015 1. Social media isn’t for B2B I agree some social media channels are not a perfect fit for all, but there are many B2B social media sites that are highly successful. The obvious one proves to be LinkedIn, but don’t discount Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Twitter has shown that it can be a positive asset for many B2B clients and is especially useful for event promotion. Facebook – when used the correct way – does have some value in a B2B setting. YouTube serves as a great place to store all of your video content with links from your website. Social media can be a key asset in building organic SEO and can’t be ignored. With the addition of marketing automation to help set a cadence of posts, it becomes easier than ever to keep up a strong social media presence. When used properly, social media helps to nurture contacts and establish authority as a thought leader within an industry. Be thoughtful about your posts and you will see positive results.

Key Elements of a Successful TREW Marketing Plan

June 16, 2015 Summer is here and many are dreaming about a cool drink while sitting in the sand. Here at TREW, we are ramping up for the marketing planning season. Most companies run on a fiscal schedule that is based on the calendar year so marketing planning kicks off at the end of summer into the fall. Some dread the process of building their yearly plan because it can be very overwhelming. Here are some key elements TREW puts into every marketing plan we build for our clients and why they are imperative to be successful. Let’s start with some common mistakes many marketing departments make when doing their yearly planning: Last year’s Plan 2.0: Many marketing departments pull out last year’s plan and tweak it slightly. This is the safe bet because you don't rock the boat or need approval for new ideas. You still need to think through this process to determine if this is the best plan for your marketing. Sales Teams Wish List: This is the marketing department that is only “reactive”. Sales needs something so they get it done. Trade shows, brochures, even ad placements are all dictated by sales without looking at the business and setting goals. Follow the leader: Our competition is doing it so we need to do it too! It is imperative to keep your competition in your sights but just doing what they do won’t get you the win. You need to get ahead and be the leader not the follower.

How to Manage Time Spent on Marketing

May 19, 2015 Would you say it is better to be efficient, or to be productive with your marketing efforts? What is the difference? Efficiency is the extent to which time, effort, or cost is well-used for an intended task or function. Productivity is a measure of total efficiency of a production process and as such the objective to be maximized in production process. I recently read an excerpt from the book, Two Awesome Hours by Josh David, Ph.D. In his book, he discusses the difference between efficiency and productivity. He gives the example of Benjamin Franklin whom we all know as a brilliant inventor and hard-working man. According to Dr. David’s research, Benjamin Franklin was also a very productive person. He spent many hours in his personal life connecting with others and using those personal connections as career benefits. Benjamin Franklin rested when his body needed to rest so he could be at work in optimal shape. And when he was working, Franklin used his time wisely and exhibited ultimate productivity when he was on the job.

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