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3 Project Management Tools to Make You More Efficient

March 17, 2016 Things can get a bit crazy, confusing and even frustrating when it comes to projects that include many different people within your organization wearing many different hats to execute one client’s project. Utilizing tools to assist with managing your client and team projects can make the whole process easier, more efficient and even fun! Project management tools give you the ability to streamline your project updates and positively effect your team communication, leading to great team building and aiding to produce a positive company culture in the process. Here are 3 free digital project management tools that you should incorporate into your project management process to keep everyone on the same page.

Develop Your Marketing Plan

February 2, 2016 In Rebecca Geier’s book, “Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences,” she explains the process for creating a marketing plan that efficiently and effectively delivers ROI. Many technical leaders are far too busy to go through the process of creating a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan. Because of this they continue to lose money, waste time and doubt marketing altogether. The truth that many technical leaders fail to acknowledge is that you must take the time and invest in your marketing strategy to reach success. What should you be focusing your time on when developing your marketing plan? Continue reading for answers to this question with tips from chapter 2 of Rebecca Geier’s inbound marketing guide as well as the opportunity to download this chapter for free!

Treat Your Content Like a Product

January 26, 2016 In chapter 7 of, “Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide for Reaching Technical Audiences”, you’ll learn a phrase that we use often at TREW with our clients and that is, “treat your content like a product.” Just writing content and putting it out on your website isn’t enough. To truly see an ROI from your content you must market it across multiple channels and optimize it with the keywords to ensure it gets found. In this blog, I’ll review pieces from Rebecca Geier’s book and give you a little more insight explaining what it means to “treat your content like a product.”

Our 2015 Thursday Trend Posts Set You Up for 2016 Success

December 17, 2015 On Thursdays we publish blog posts that include the top trending marketing tips, tricks and techniques that you need to be actively incorporating into your marketing efforts. We gathered our favorite Thursday posts throughout this year to get you on the right path to 2016 marketing planning success! If you find these helpful, make sure to check out our favorite Tuesday posts from this year. Our Tuesday posts cover more comprehensive topics and go more in-depth to get you all the information you need.  Enjoy!

Best Practices: Using the HubSpot Inline Content Creator

December 3, 2015 In this video, we tackle how to create and send an email using HubSpot's Inline Content Editor.   Emails are a great way to nurture and convert your leads. Without a marketing automation tool like HubSpot the process of creating and sending an email can be a tedious and time-consuming process.  HubSpot includes templates that make it easy for marketers to create emails but HubSpot has taken it one step further with their inline content editor feature.  This video will walk you through how to utilize the inline content editor built into HubSpot to make creating and sending your emails a faster, lighter and easier process.

Webcast Reveals the Online Behavior of Engineers

November 17, 2015 If you’re an avid reader of our blog and a frequent visitor to our site then you know that this year TREW Marketing and conducted a survey that revealed how engineers find their content online, which channels they use to consume their content and also their search preferences. After the survey was conducted, Rebecca Geier from TREW Marketing and John Hayes from hosted a live webcast explaining in depth the results and what they mean for the future of marketing to engineers.

Survey Says: Engineers DO Use Social Media

October 8, 2015 If you are a marketer, you have probably been faced with many questions about social media and if it’s a good fit for your client’s marketing. I get skeptical questions around social media weekly, if not daily. The fact is simple – practically EVERYONE is on some type of social media platform and they’re interacting not only with their friends and family but businesses as well. A recent study unveiled that, 88% of rapidly growing small and mid-size businesses use social media, highlighting its increasing importance. Now the question to you is, why would you not take advantage of this free medium for connecting with your target audience? In our recent study with, we asked some questions around social media because we were curious if the technical audience, primarily engineers, actually utilize social media for work and if they do, how often and does their age have effect on their usage of social.

TREW’s Approach to Building a Solid Marketing Foundation

August 13, 2015 Developing a strong marketing foundation is the first step to getting on the path toward a successful marketing strategy. Silicon Audio was searching for a marketing agency that would understand their business and formulate a foundation for their marketing. Silicon Audio’s business is unlike any other. Their current brand messaging describes, “They create technology that combines the best of century-old innovation with imaginative modern engineering.” That sentence alone exemplifies the struggle they faced with conceptualizing their marketing efforts. By going through the TREW marketing foundation process of answering the following three questions, Silicon Audio found the right track to define their brand message based on their developed personas. They also redesigned their website in a strategic and visually appealing way in order to reach their target demographic.

TREW CEO to Speak at NIWeek 2015

July 28, 2015 TREW Marketing will be attending National Instruments’ NIWeek 2015 in Austin, Texas, August 3-6. The 21st annual global conference on graphical system design brings together more than 3,200 engineers and scientists across a spectrum of industries, including automotive, aerospace, telecom, robotics, life sciences, and energy.

TREW Wishes You a Wonderful 4th of July Weekend

July 2, 2015

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