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      2022 State of Marketing to Engineers Research Report

      This week in conjunction with GlobalSpec, TREW Marketing announced the release of the 2022 State of Marketing to Engineers Research Report. Get the research via the full report, and hear the results discussed in this on-demand webinar.

      With more than a decade of serving B2B companies with full-service content marketing that targets highly technical buyers, we understand the industrial marketer’s need to make informed decisions on resources – including people, time, and budget – to deliver maximum ROI. Our annual research helps marketers understand what types of information technical audiences want and when and where they’re looking for it, so they can better reach, influence, and engage with technical audiences.

      2022 Research Blog - Featured Image

      The 2022 State of Marketing to Engineers Research Report summarizes the survey results of more than 800 engineers and technical professionals from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, engineering services, automotive, energy, consumer electronics, electronic components, semiconductor, and aerospace/defense. 

      Key findings include:

      • Engineers value a company's technical expertise and responsiveness over price and company values 
      • 83 percent of engineers are willing to fill out a form in exchange for technical content
      • 73 percent of engineers listen to work-related podcasts throughout their week, a 33% YOY increase
      • Engineers prefer YouTube and LinkedIn over other social platforms

      WATCH the Webinar – State of Marketing to Engineers

      In the webinar CEO and Co-Founder of TREW Marketing, Wendy Covey, along with GlobalSpec Content Marketing Manager, CJ Haight give insight into creating marketing plans and compelling content based on data from the study.

      Watch this on-demand webinar and discover answers to some of marketers’ most critical questions:

      • Where do engineers seek information to make purchase decisions?
      • How much of the buying process happens online before engineers engage with sales?
      • What types of content are most and least favored by technical buyers?
      • What sales behaviors do engineers value?

      2022 State of Marketing to Engineers Webinar - email (1)Learn the most important research findings in the on-demand webinar

      Download our 2022 Research Report here. It details critical findings and conclusions, along with complete data by global region and age group. Watch the on-demand webinar to gain insight on how to use the data from this study to create better B2B technical marketing programs for the next decade.

      Morgan Norris

      Morgan believes that the process of brand positioning and messaging powers companies by aligning corporate leadership, building a story that fuels staff and engages customers, and creating a foundation for consistent content – and she’s seen these results come true for TREW clients time and again over the last decade. She holds degrees in Public Relations and Spanish, with a minor in Business from The University of Texas at Austin. Morgan, her husband, and three kids recently moved from Austin to downtown DC, where they enjoy walking the city, visiting the local museums, and playing a guess-who-is-in-that-motorcade game.

      About TREW Marketing

      TREW Marketing is a strategy-first content marketing agency serving B2B companies that target highly technical buyers. With deep experience in the design, embedded, measurement and automation, and software industries, TREW Marketing provides branding, marketing strategy, content development, and digital marketing services to help customers efficiently and effectively achieve business goals.