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2021 State of Marketing to Engineers Top Findings

Engineers Rely on Digital Content for More than 50% of the Buyer’s Journey, AND MORE

The 2021 State of Marketing to Engineers Research Report identifies which virtual marketing efforts, digital content types, and social platforms are effective for reaching engineers

Today with GlobalSpec, we released the 2021 State of Marketing to Engineers Research Report.

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The report reveals data about information-gathering practices, content preferences, and engagement expectations of technical audiences. It is available for download now, and will be the subject of a January 27, 2021 webinar at 1pm EST.

Marketers working for technical companies must make informed decisions – from allocating budgets, to time, to personnel resources. This report helps marketers know where to focus so they can build trust with prospects, fill sales pipelines with the right leads, and lower customer acquisition costs.

Key findings in the 2021 State of Marketing to Engineers Research Report include:

  • 62% of respondents complete more than half of the buyer’s journey online
  • 80% of engineers found value from virtual events, but twice as many prefer webinars over virtual events
  • 96% of engineers watch videos weekly for work, and over half listen to podcasts for work regularly
  • Engineers are willing to fill out forms for highly technical content like white paper and CAD drawings


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The report includes questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, evaluating the emerging marketing tactic of virtual events and other adaptations. The research report will help marketers better understand the needs of technical audiences to serve them better.

This report marks the fourth year TREW Marketing and GlobalSpec have partnered together for research, with responses from nearly 1400 engineers and technical professionals located across global regions, this is the largest sample size to date. Survey respondents came from a widely diverse set of industries, from engineering services, energy and aerospace/defense to automotive, semiconductor and materials.

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Webinar – 2021 State of Marketing to Engineers 

On January 27th, Wendy Covey along with GlobalSpec Marketing Manager, Jennifer Corcoran will host a webinar  and give insight into creating marketing plans and compelling content based on data from the study.

Attend this webinar at 1pm EST on January 27 and discover answers to some of marketers' most critical questions:

  • Where do engineers go to seek information to make purchase decisions?
  • What social media channels engineers prefer?
  • What fields are engineers are most likely to complete on a web form?
  • What are engineers' opinions about retargeted ads?

Readers can download the complete research report, which details critical findings and conclusions, along with complete data by global region and age group, or register for the webinar  to gain insight on how to use the data from this study to create better B2B technical marketing programs.

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