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Trust Drives Results – Core Values of TREW Marketing (Part 1 of 2)

This is a 2-part series – this post focuses on the founding of TREW and the importance of building trust, and the 2nd post will follow with examples of companies who are committed to building trust and the outstanding results they've delivered.

TREW's Top 5 B2B Trade Show Items & 4 New Ideas to Boost Your Booth Traffic

Trade shows can be an amazing opportunity to network, educate buyers, and grow your business. However, the art of trade show marketing can be tricky and has become an ever-changing battle for the attention of the client. Through strong competition with surrounding booths for the show visitors’ attention, exhibiting companies have driven demand for a greater variety and increase in complexity. Every year new products, processes, and services are created solely around the need for a full and complete stop by a client or customer.

The TREW Crew's favorite holiday memories

The holidays are here, and we want to thank you for your readership this year and wish you a very happy holiday season with your friends and families.  Last year, we took some time to share our favorite holiday traditions with you. This year, we'd like to share some of our favorite holiday memories! Have a great holiday memory or funny story? Share it with us in the comments!

Build Your Twitter Community

At a recent Business Journal networking event, attendees introduced themselves and their colleagues to others, discussed current events, and made efforts both to gain and share information with others. Your Twitter community is like this networking event, in digital form, with the same opportunities. How can you interact with, benefit from, and add value to your Twitter community?

Build a Lead Nurturing Campaign in 10 Easy Steps

Are you looking to generate more sales-ready leads while lowering the costs per lead? Consider implementing a lead nurturing strategy.

6 Ways HubSpot Helped TREW Grow Web Traffic 130%, Leads 150%

Nearly one year ago, TREW on-boarded HubSpot’s marketing automation software. We expected a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, marketing automation software , with built-in tools such as landing page and smart forms, email workflow automation, social media scheduling, and SEO analytics. HubSpot not only met our high expectations, it exceeded them. Using the software helped TREW become smarter marketers for our business, resulting in a 130% increase in web traffic and 150% YoY lead growth.

How to Add Search Engine Optimization for PDF Files

You may have great content on your website in PDF files, but are they getting found by searchers? Search engines, like Google, can easily locate and read PDF files on your website, but these documents often lack basic information that help search engines know what the content is about, which ultimately effects the page rank for some of your most valuable content. This article will help you understand the basics of SEO for PDF files in popular programs like Word, Acrobat and InDesign, providing you with the knowledge to optimize your PDFs for search.

Guest Blog: 10 Tips for Producing Engaging Marketing Webinars by Citrix

As a reader of this blog, you hear the TREW Crew talk often about the marketing funnel, from generating awareness and “getting found” at the top to nurturing your leads and creating opportunities for sales further down. At this point in the funnel, a key marketing tool small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are using is webinars and online events. Marketing webinars – one-to-many virtual events delivered online for marketing purposes – have leveled the playing field so that any business or organization can appear to be a market or thought-leader and expand their reach. A key reason for this shift is the underlying technology, which is low-cost, easy to use and widely accessible.

TREW Delivers Marketing Strategy for Client's Software Product Launch

“TREW’s marketing expertise and knowledge of the embedded space make them a trusted advisor to help us drive awareness and demand, as we continue to grow our business and market share,” said Jason Clarke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Crank Software. “They have a proven track record developing and executing strategic marketing plans that focus on results, and we’re extremely pleased with the results they helped us achieve on our launch of Storyboard Suite 3.0.”

New E-book: Smart Product Launches for Engineers

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