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Build Your Twitter Community

At a recent Business Journal networking event, attendees introduced themselves and their colleagues to others, discussed current events, and made efforts both to gain and share information with others. Your Twitter community is like this networking event, in digital form, with the same opportunities. How can you interact with, benefit from, and add value to your Twitter community?

Just like an in-person event, you add value when you are an active and authentic participant, sharing industry news and great resources with your followers – perhaps even links to your company’s or others’ white papers and current events. Users in technical and scientific industries regularly take advantage of social networking tools including Twitter to share information, find jobs, and network. (Thilmany, 2013; Mewborn, 2013)

Are you following many, but have few followers? A good strategy to build your followers is to follow others who have about the same number of “following” and “followers”. At first, it seems logical to follow any and all leaders and news sources specific to your industry. The problem with this strategy is oftentimes popular users follow few others, if anyone. Examples:

Wired Twitter Account

Suppose Wired and US-CERT publish news that you want to access regularly. Notice that Wired has over two million followers, but only follows 304 users; US-CERT follows no one.

US-Cert Twitter Account

Rather than following @wired and @uscert_gov to see their updates, “List” them. Why? Listing users benefits you because you can see their updates from your list, and it also provides publicity for the listed, no matter how small that may be. Visitors to your profile benefit by having access to your Lists and may even decide to “Subscribe” to them.

HubSpot Parnter Twitter

Twitter limits the number of users you can follow (a number that is different for each user and affected by ratio of followers to following) so it is wise to save your following allotment for those who follow you.

To find users who are likely to follow you back, search your industry hashtags using the Twitter search field. A Hashtag search will return a list of relevant users. Alternately, you will want to use hashtags in your own tweets so others will find you. Twitter auto-completes hashtags, making it easy to find trending tags.

It’s a good idea to occasionally “clean up” your following list: “un-follow” spammers and other users who don’t follow back. A great tool for this is Manage Flitter (@ManageFlitter).

ManagerFilter Twitter

The free version can be used to filter out users you’re following- who don’t follow back. This saves time and it is very easy to use. It’s worth the effort to explore Manage Flitter to see how this tool may be helpful for you.

Automatic Direct Messages to new followers used to seem like a polite, professional thing to do. Having been on the receiving end of DMs, many users now find them to have limited value – they are time-consuming and often spam.

Do pay close attention to the “Connect” tab: this is where users mention you publicly and start conversations, and these are PR opportunities. Here’s an example:

Blink Jar Tweet

If someone mentions you or retweets you – how nice, your username and/or tweet will then appear on that user’s news feed for others to see. Perhaps you have posted a link to technical content on your blog – when users click on the link and like what is there, they may retweet your post to all of their users. Other users may be curious, click to see your profile and decide to follow you, and so on. These activities build your credibility and highlight the benefit of having many followers, specifically those in your industry, including media representatives.

TREW Retweets

Key Takeaways:

#1: Add value to your Twitter community by being an active, authentic participant

#2: Build your Twitter “Followers” by following others with about the same number of “following” and “followers”

#3: “List” influencers and industry leaders for easy access to their updates

#4: Periodically “clean up” your follow list using an efficient tool such as Manage Flitter

#5: Use industry-related hashtags to find users and content, and to help others find you

#6: Closely monitor your “Connect” tab to acknowledge and respond to mentions, retweets and other comments or inquiries.

(*The arrow and blurr tools used in the above images were created with Skitch, from Austin. Follow them on Twitter @skitch, or visit them at

Thilmany, J. (2013). Professional networking. Mechanical EngineeringJan2013(135), 40-45.
Mewborn, A. (2013). Social media, a tool to use in healthcare. Industrial Engineer: IE, 45(5), 24.

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Build a Lead Nurturing Campaign in 10 Easy Steps

Are you looking to generate more sales-ready leads while lowering the costs per lead? Consider implementing a lead nurturing strategy.

Lead nurturing is the process of further educating and building relationships with non-sales ready leads in order to move them further down the marketing funnel and closer towards becoming an opportunity. A new lead generated from a white paper or other premium content isn’t necessarily ready to speak with sales or make a purchase from you. You need to nurture them over time, building trust and credibility between your company and the lead as they grow their knowledge of your products and services.

Let’s put it this way, consider the process of dating. You wouldn’t take a girl out on a first date and have her meet your parents. Instead, you would ask for a second, third, fourth date, get to know her over time, and when ready, make the introduction to your parents. By the time you know she’s ready to meet the parents; you’ve built a relationship and trust that she and your parents will get along well.

Like dating, nurturing leads over time and building a relationship produces mutually beneficial results. On average, companies that work this process produce 20% more sales opportunities than companies that don’t nurture their leads.

lead nurturing campaign

A cost-effective marketing tactic to nurture your leads and help keep your business top of mind is email automation. Once a visitor completes a form on your website and becomes a lead, they should hear from you immediately. This is hard to implement and sustain manually, but with automation, you set it up once, and never think about it again. In these automated emails, content offered educates your prospects and entices them with further calls-to-action and reasons to engage further with your company. These content offers should map to different stages of your sales cycle so they match where they are in the buying cycle. It’s important to have content for the lead that is just starting their search as well as other content for those leads that are ready to talk to an engineer.

So you know you want to produce more demand from the leads you are generating, but where do you start? Here are 10 simple steps to build an automated lead nurturing campaign for your company. Follow each step to not only see an increase in sales-ready leads, but lower costs simultaneously.

Step #1:  Set yourself up for success. Take your time to review several marketing and email automation tools in order to choose the one best suited for your needs. We have found that HubSpot provides the best value and efficiency for small to medium sized businesses who may be using disparate tools for inbound activities such as email, social media, and website analytics.

Step #2: Timing is critical. When someone becomes a lead, send him or her a follow-up email as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours. Studies show that email response rates decline over the age of the lead.

Step #3: It will take several interactions. Lead nurturing is not a one and done deal. It will take several emails and interactions to guide a lead down the marketing funnel to become a sales qualified lead. Determine the timeframe of your typical sales cycle by looking at past data and talking to your sales team. Then mirror the length of your lead nurturing campaign after this cycle, consistently emailing the lead throughout. Monitor your email performance metrics to find the right number of emails that will not overwhelm or alternatively turn your lead cold.

Step #4: Relevant content draws customers in. In your follow-up email, highlight relevant content that acts as a next step for the reader. For example, if the lead downloaded a white paper titled “Evaluate Your Website,” offer additional content related to website best practices. This is not the time to introduce a new unrelated product or service.

Step #5: Map offers to the buying cycle. The type of content offered is just as important as the timing and relevancy. When a lead is in the stage of initial research, they are looking for educational material like blog posts and white papers; alternatively, when a prospect is evaluating vendors, case studies of past work, a free trial or consultation will be more effective.

lead nurturing sales cycle

Step #6: Keep it short and sweet. If you stay focused on one topic in the email, it should not be difficult to keep the email brief. Now is not the time to add in custom HTML, cool fonts, or multiple images. The lead should be able to glance at your email and within a few seconds know the value it provides them and the next actions they can take.

Step #7: Subject lines matter. Just like the body content of the email, it’s important to keep subject lines short and to the point. Keep it under 50 characters and avoid using salesy, promotional terms with all caps and exclamations points that the reader might mistake for SPAM.

Step #8: Measure progress. Tracking key metrics in your email campaign, such as open rate, click-through-rate (percentage of people who clicked a link in your email), and unsubscribe rate are key to ensuring that your marketing tactics are helping you reach your business goals. If your metrics are getting worse, it’s time to re-evaluate your campaign and try testing stronger subject lines, adjusting the timing or calls-to-action, or changing your email copy.

Step #9: Inform Sales. Make the sales process more efficient and effective by informing your sales team of all the content offers the lead has received. No need for a sale rep to revisit information the lead has already seen, or rattle off benefits the lead is already aware of. This will only waste time and likely frustrate the potential customer.

Step #10: Have an exit strategy. Once the lead becomes sales qualified (this is a whole other topic that we’ll dive into in another post), remove them from the lead nurturing campaign. They do not need to keep receiving content offers once a sales rep has contacted them. Likewise, if you continue to email them but they do not interact or unsubscribe, do not delete them – you never know when a lead will re-engage, so it’s important to stay top of mind. But consider reducing the frequency of emails you send to them, and simply keep them on your e-newsletter list with the rest of your database.

Ultimately, the end goal of lead nurturing is to efficiently move a lead methodically down the marketing funnel so they have the opportunity to raise their hand when they’re ready for contact from sales. Take these steps into consideration when implementing your next lead nurturing strategy and generate more sales-ready leads and opportunities for your business.

Need help getting stated? TREW Marketing is a HubSpot Certified Partner, utilizing their marketing automation software on behalf of our clients to implement programs such as email automation. Read more about our marketing automation services here.

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6 Ways HubSpot Helped TREW Grow Web Traffic 130%, Leads 150%

Nearly one year ago, TREW on-boarded HubSpot’s marketing automation software. We expected a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, marketing automation software , with built-in tools such as landing page and smart forms, email workflow automation, social media scheduling, and SEO analytics. HubSpot not only met our high expectations, it exceeded them. Using the software helped TREW become smarter marketers for our business, resulting in a 130% increase in web traffic and 150% YoY lead growth.

Want to know how we did it? Below are the top 6 ways that HubSpot has helped make TREW smarter, more effective, marketers.

Crafting Landing Pages That Increased Our Leads Over 150%

HubSpot’s landing page creation tool is one of our favorites. Creating a landing page with a custom lead form in HubSpot is simple, easy, and immediate. With the ability to craft an attractive landing page in a matter of minutes, we have been able to capture qualified leads on our website through our premium content downloads. Since implementing HubSpot we’ve seen our leads increase 150% YoY.

HubSpot Landing Pages

The picture on the left is an example of TREW’s HubSpot landing pages and the chart on the right illustrates our 150% YoY lead growth.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Social Media Converts 13% of TREW’s Leads

One of the biggest issues businesses have with social media is that it takes too much time, with questionable return.  With many different channels, each with unique audiences, etiquette and analytics, social media can be time-consuming and confusing for many small businesses.

Using HubSpot’s social media scheduler and conversion metrics, TREW has gained efficiencies and valuable insights on what channels and what time of day converts the most leads. With this, we can now track our efforts based on conversions, and have seen our social media lead conversion rate go from unknown to 13%.

Drastically Improving Search Engine Page Ranks with HubSpot’s SEO tool

In our webinar, TREW Talk: How to Build an SEO Keyword Strategy, we discuss that SEO is not just about generating traffic to your website but generating the right traffic to the right area of your website. In order to increase rankings for the right traffic, you need to do your keyword research. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords to find the right ones.

The HubSpot keyword tool helps you to quickly find suggested keywords, ranked by difficulty and monthly searches, as well as ranking and conversion opportunities – keywords considered as “low hanging fruit” and ideal to include in your SEO strategy. By using this tool with our own SEO strategy, we have seen page ranks jump up 85 spots.

HubSpot Keywords Tool

In the chart above you will see the ranking progression for the keyword “seo keyword strategy.” In March we were ranked over 100th. On March 19th, we released a webinar and blog post promoting it. The orange line graph shows that this content helped our rank go from 100+ to 15th in 3 weeks.

Testing CTA Banners and Buttons for Optimum Lead Conversion Rates

Do you have a call to action (CTA) on every one of your blog posts? How about throughout your website? HubSpot’s CTA creator makes it easy to promote your most important lead generating content throughout your site, helping you guide web visitors to becoming a lead.

TREW uses the CTA tool to create buttons and banners for our lead-generating premium content, such as Smart Product Launches for Engineers.  We use the tool to create, and track which CTA converts the most leads. For example, we know that 56% of our leads come from our Spotlight Blog, which reinforces the significance of the blog – generating awareness online and guiding visitors to premium content.

An example of one of our CTA banners, driving our blog readers to download our ebook.

An example of one of our CTA banners, driving our blog readers to download our ebook.

Serving Up the Right Content at the Right Time

Email automation is a marketing tactic to nurture your leads and help keep your business top of mind. By offering related content around a specific topic of interest, you are moving the lead further down the marketing funnel and closer towards closing the sale.

In HubSpot’s email tool, we can set up multiple time-triggered emails, offering targeted content based on a reader’s engagement, and track its performance with send, open, and click through rates. These metrics help us to serve content that ignites interest, increasing our click through rate by 2X the industry average.

HubSpot Email Tool

With email performance metrics, TREW has gained insight into what stories interest our audience, thus increasing email click through rates and engagement.

Intelligently Pursuing Business Leads

To keep our business pipeline full, we leverage HubSpot to help qualify our sales-ready leads. We do this with lead scoring – a tool in HubSpot to notify us when a lead has reached a specified activity goal, whether it’s visiting X number of web pages, downloading premium content, or opening our emails.

Once alerted, we have lead intelligence on what services are interesting to the prospect based on pages visited, content downloaded, and emails opened. This enables us to come into the sales meeting with discussion topics prepared. Armed with this intelligence, we see a successful 50% response rate from our introductory emails.

TREW + HubSpot = Love

Since joining HubSpot one year ago, we have gained valuable insight into our target audience and improved methods to reach, nurture and convert that audience, ultimately resulting in an increase in website visits and leads. We are more effective and smarter marketers of our business because of the tools and efficiencies HubSpot provides.

To learn more about HubSpot and the services TREW provides around marketing automation, visit our HubSpot Services page or contact TREW Marketing today.

How to Add Search Engine Optimization for PDF Files

You may have great content on your website in PDF files, but are they getting found by searchers? Search engines, like Google, can easily locate and read PDF files on your website, but these documents often lack basic information that help search engines know what the content is about, which ultimately effects the page rank for some of your most valuable content. This article will help you understand the basics of SEO for PDF files in popular programs like Word, Acrobat and InDesign, providing you with the knowledge to optimize your PDFs for search.

It should first be noted that HTML pages vs. PDFs, are generally better as landing pages for search engines because site visitors have access to the navigation and can easily re-engage with the website. Also, it is easier to include calls-to-action on an HTML page. If you want to drive traffic to a PDF, consider creating a search optimized landing page introducing the PDF – you can also direct relevant traffic to this landing page through an AdWords campaign. If you only make your PDF accessible to those who fill out an online form, there is no need to optimize it for search.

The Basics of SEO for PDF files

The top priority and most important step in optimizing your PDF for search is including the Title and Subject of the PDF in the file properties – the Title is read like the website page title tag and the Subject is read like the page description meta tag. While Word 2010 includes this information under File > Info (click “Show All Properties”), other versions of programs will include this under File > Properties or in an area called Description.

Search Engine Optimization PDF

Other important steps:

  • Make sure the text in the document is readable by a search engine and not in an image format
  • Don’t just bold your title and subheads – use styles such as Title, Heading 1, Heading 2 etc. to show search engines how the document is structured
  • Include text from the title in the page URL, separated by dashes
  • Include text from the title in the file name, separated by dashes or underscore (SEO_For_PDF_Files.pdf)
  • Use keyword-based links in your website to link directly to the PDF

Including Keywords

While brainstorming the title of your PDF, or if it is possible to change the title of a published PDF, consider doing keyword research to determine what targeted keyword you can use for optimization. The Title of this blog post was chosen to attract search for “search engine optimization PDF” because Google is reporting 1000 global searches per month for this keyword. Make sure the keyword is included in the Title, Subject, URL and file name, and try to include the keywords closer to the beginning of the text. To learn how to use the Google AdWords keyword tool to research the best term for your PDF, please watch our webinar or read our blog post.

search engine advertising companies

You are welcome to read more about our SEO services, or please contact us if you would like to get started today.

Guest Blog: 10 Tips for Producing Engaging Marketing Webinars by Citrix

As a reader of this blog, you hear the TREW Crew talk often about the marketing funnel, from generating awareness and “getting found” at the top to nurturing your leads and creating opportunities for sales further down. At this point in the funnel, a key marketing tool small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are using is webinars and online events. Marketing webinars – one-to-many virtual events delivered online for marketing purposes – have leveled the playing field so that any business or organization can appear to be a market or thought-leader and expand their reach. A key reason for this shift is the underlying technology, which is low-cost, easy to use and widely accessible.

Scott SerranoMy name is Scott Serrano, Senior Software Sales Executive of Citrix Online Saas Solutions, and the TREW Crew asked if I’d share my knowledge via this guest blog post to help readers understand the best practices for executing a webinar and how they can leverage online meeting technology platforms, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, to effectively market their business online.

Webinars can be a robust and lively marketing tool that effectively showcases your expertise and drives further engagement with prospective customers. Attendees and businesses that host webinars love them because webinars are:

  • Powerful in reaching and influencing hard-to-reach prospects or decision makers
  • Interactive and social, like a real-world classroom where you can ask questions and chat with the speaker in the conference and outside the conference using social media
  • Affordable to host and attend
  • Effective at generating leads and qualified sales opportunities
  • Re-used as other forms of content, such as blogs, white papers, podcasts, and an on-demand webinars

Want to host a webinar? Here are 10 best practices we share with our customers at Citrix to produce an online webinar event that engages your audience and compels them to take action.

  1. Think about what your customers and potential customers want to learn from you. What problems are keeping them up at night? How can you help them resolve those problems?
  2. Most webinars can be defined into two categories of content – inspirational and big thinking or tactical how-to. Consider starting with the broadly appealing topic to generate more awareness and leads, and then producing smaller more specific webinars after the first one that reviews how-to and implementation.
  3. Really think about your lead form, and use fields that will inform who the hottest leads are to pursue after your event.
  4. Show a compelling story. Create visual slides, with one idea per slide, using authentic imagery (not stock).
  5. Be a responsive moderator. Good webinars have a moderator who is energetic and pays attention to the feedback of the audience.
  6. Always schedule a rehearsal of the webinar before the date. Run through procedures and review the flow with all the speakers.
  7. Encourage attendees to interact with the speaker using the chat panel or to chat via social media with an event-specific hashtag.
  8. Record your event so you can reuse it as an on-demand webinar for those who couldn’t make the event. This way, it will continue to pay dividends for you by generating leads far into the future.
  9. Follow up promptly after the event, ideally within 24 hours, and include any promised additional content, copies of the presentation, and next steps. Have one primary call to action that moves them further down the funnel, and as a result, further identifies strong opportunities for sales to follow-up on.
  10. Use a reliable and easy-to-use technology platform to host your webinar event.

Finding the right webinar technology platform is extremely important in creating a successful online event. Citrix’s GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar is a leading platform, because it is:

  • Easy to use, GoToMeeting Corporate enables salespeople to begin meeting with prospects and clients right away.
  • Patented bandwidth-adaptive compression technology ensures exceptional performance and successful meetings over any Internet connection.
  • All You Can Meet® pricing eliminates meeting duration limits and overage charges, encouraging salespeople to use the service as often as they’d like and increasing their productivity.
  • Industry-standard security features are built in to ensure that confidential meeting information remains private.

In addition, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar include a full array of functionality, with:

  • HD Faces Video conferencing: Share up to 6 web cams along with your desktop
  • One-click meetings: By simply clicking an icon, a salesperson can begin a meeting.
  •  Instantly change presenters: A salesperson can pass control to the prospect or another employee who can show what is on his or her screen.
  •  Easy integration: Meetings can be started, scheduled or joined through Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft Office®, IBM® Lotus Notes® or various instant-messaging applications.
  • Shared mouse control: A prospect can be granted the right to take over the salesperson’s mouse on his or her desktop, enabling the prospect to experience a product firsthand.

To learn more about GoToMeeting, visit Citrix’s client story video and read Citrix press and awards.

TREW Marketing is a partner with Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. To learn more about how to incorporate webinars and video in your marketing mix, contact TREW Marketing today.

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TREW Delivers Marketing Strategy for Client’s Software Product Launch

crank software logo“TREW’s marketing expertise and knowledge of the embedded space make them a trusted advisor to help us drive awareness and demand, as we continue to grow our business and market share,” said Jason Clarke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Crank Software. “They have a proven track record developing and executing strategic marketing plans that focus on results, and we’re extremely pleased with the results they helped us achieve on our launch of Storyboard Suite 3.0.”

Crank Software specializes in embedded user interface (UI) solutions that enable R&D teams to more quickly develop UIs for resource-constrained embedded devices like in-car graphical displays and animated GPS systems.

When Crank needed to launch the latest version of their flagship software, Storyboard™ Suite, they chose TREW Marketing for our experience in developing product launch plans that target embedded design engineers. Crank sought to increase awareness of Storyboard Suite 3.0, drive web visits and capture leads through software evaluation downloads.


Marketing communication strategy for the Storyboard Suite 3.0 launch including:

  • Media relations strategy and execution
  • Search engine optimization and advertising
  • Launch email and automated direct marketing
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Partner co-marketing with QNX in the Consumer Electronics Show concept car


  • 85% increase in evaluation downloads
  • 56% increase in online leads following the launch
  • 38% increase in total web traffic following the launch
  • 237 news release postings to online sources
  • 2 contributed articles in RTC and Embedded Computing Design
  • +3-minutes time-on-site to launch landing page
  • 2-hours time-on-site generated from Twitter links

Beyond the Storyboard Suite launch, TREW Marketing continues to serve as Crank Software’s marketing partner, providing ongoing strategy consulting, brand and product-level messaging and positioning, media relations, content marketing, partner co-marketing, search engine optimization, search advertising, social media and email marketing services.

Crank Case Study Keyword

Crank Case Study Web Visits



























Want to learn more about product launches?

New E-book: Smart Product Launches for Engineers

Today, TREW Marketing released a new e-book, written specifically for the business owner, product manager, and marketing leader preparing to launch a product targeted to technical audiences in the B2B space. Available for download on our site, Smart Product Launches for Engineers, part of the Smart Marketing for EngineersTM Series from TREW Marketing, provides a framework for developing your product launch plan, discusses how to position your product in the marketplace, and includes practical tips for choosing, implementing, and measuring smart marketing activities and tools. It also includes case studies of three diverse, successful product launches.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 2.40.41 PMIn this guide:

  1. Plan the Launch
    You spent a great deal of time and resources developing your product, now you need to launch it to market, but how? You need a plan. Walk through the process of creating a successful product launch plan that can have significant long-term success. Identify your target audience and determine your marketing goals and measurable objectives.
  2. Brand Your Product
    With a plan in place, follow our three step process and learn how to define your product brand and position it in the marketplace. Also included are examples that help illustrate the process.
  3. Determine the Marketing Mix
    Execute your product launch and achieve your objectives with a smart mix of integrated marketing activities. Review important considerations and explore various activities to determine which marketing channels will make the greatest impact at driving awareness and generating demand.

TREW Marketing selected as finalist in BtoB Magazine’s annual list of Top Agencies

B2B Top Agencies 2013TREW Marketing has been selected as a finalist in BtoB Magazine’s Annual list of Top Agencies in the small agency category for the second year in a row. We were included in the Top Agency Special Report for achievements in the following marketing programs:

  • Strategic media outreach leading to publicity in top national outlets, including seven features in top-tier outlets and six contributed feature articles
  • Co-marketing campaign driving 320% lead growth for an embedded wireless product manufacturer
  • Lead-nurturing email campaign resulting in 45.9% open rate and 17.3% click-through rate
  • Full-Service integrated marketing program, results including:
    • 32% YoY growth for total web visits
    • 46% YoY growth for organic search web visits
    • 41% YoY growth for search advertising click-throughs with a flat YoY budget
    • More than 2X the industry average open rate for email marketing, at 33%
    • More than 2X the industry average click through rate for email marketing, at 23%
    • 43% increase of monthly average web leads after the website redesign, totaling a 14% YoY lead growth
    • 2,018 news release postings on media sites

In addition to the successful marketing programs for our clients, TREW Marketing’s business growth is highlighted in the following 2012 achievements:

  • 50% YOY revenue growth from 2011 to 2012
  • 44% YoY increase in project accounts
  • 30% increase in specialized technical marketing team
  • 56% increase in site web traffic to
  • 82% increase in social media reach
  • Two published webcasts, one white paper, and 40 blog posts published on
  • Inaugural launch of TREW News, our quarterly E-newsletter, which increased leads by 169% within the first week
  • Certification in the HubSpot all-in-one inbound marketing software platform

To compile the list of Top Agencies, BtoB Magazine surveyed agencies in its database through an online form in four categories (small, midsize, large, and interactive). The finalists in each category were selected based on percentage of total business that is B2B, revenue growth, client wins, and innovative work.

TREW is honored to be included in the BtoB Top Agency report, and is already off to an impressive start to 2013. In addition to the BtoB feature, TREW was recently covered by The Austin Business Journal for our marketing partnership with Silex Technology America.

You can read about the rest of TREW’s award-winning marketing programs on our awards page, or read our most recent news releases on why clients choose to work with us.

Silex Technology Selects TREW Marketing for Branding and Marketing Strategy

Crank Software Selects TREW Marketing for Embedded Industry Outreach

Why Engineers Should Love Marketing − Interview with Wendy Covey

TREW Co-Founder Wendy Covey recently sat down with Michael Aivaliotis from VI Shots for an interview titled “Why Engineers Should Love Marketing.”  Michael Aivaliotis, founder of VI Shots, records audio podcasts targeted to scientists and engineers who use LabVIEW. The podcasts include interviews, discussions, and ideas centered around LabVIEW development and growing a successful technical business.

In this interview, Wendy discusses how to approach B2B marketing to technical audiences and provides practical advice encompassing a range marketing topics, from planning and positioning to conferences and social media.

Highlights from the podcast include:VI Shots

  • Planning– what are your business goals?
  • Messaging – how are you truly unique?
  • Branding – it’s more than pretty colors and a creative logo
  • Website and Content – your virtual storefront and the #1 marketing investment you should make
  • Conferences – personify your brand, capture leads
  • Thought leadership – it’s a marathon, not a sprint
  • Social Media – start with a blog, listen first
  • Email – stay top of mind

Listen to the podcast at

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How to Create a B2B Marketing Plan that Drives Results

TREW Client, GOEPEL Electronic, Launches New Website

“TREW’s marketing guidance and expertise have helped us become more efficient in our online marketing efforts. They understand our technical business and our goals and challenges. The website redesign project has given us the tools to generate more web leads and the ability to easily manage our website content with no additional costs.” – Heiko Ehrenberg, CEO, GOEPEL electronic LLC

GOEPEL electronic is headquartered in Germany and has offices across Europe and in the United States and Hong Kong. GOEPEL is one of the world’s first suppliers of JTAG/Boundary Scan Test Equipment, and a market leader in high-performance Boundary Scan controllers and accessories, and in-system programming applications. In addition to electrical test tools the company also offers automated optical and x-ray inspection systems.

TREW Marketing was selected by the U.S. division of GOEPEL to conduct a demand generation marketing audit and website redesign. For the marketing audit, TREW evaluated GOEPEL’s current and past lead generation programs and provided a final analysis and set of prioritized recommendations. A key focus area was the company’s website, including usability on the home, product, and call-to-action lead generating pages. Analysis also covered content and blog recommendations, SEO improvements, and search advertising prioritization and best practices to improve site performance and increase demand.

GOEPEL electronic continued its partnership with TREW Marketing for the website redesign. The goals of the redesign were to:

  • Modernize and reflect the GOEPEL brand
  • Improve navigational paths to the company’s core offerings
  • Enhance the web user experience with a more streamlined path to products that includes a product quickfind, consistent web templates across the site and blog, and a session-based cookie for faster technical content downloads
  • Create a CMS customized to their needs

With the updated CMS, GOEPEL staff can update content on-the-fly and organize their large portfolio of products using the new customized quickfind feature in which visitors can quickly locate a product or category of products based on user applications.


  • Prioritized recommendations of actions to generate demand on the current website, such as call-to-action and layout improvements, content and editing suggestions, blog recommendations for SEO, website hierarchy, structure and keyword best practices for SEO, and search advertising campaign organization tips
  • Website strategy, including faster navigation, product categorization, home page and interior page promotion management system, and lead generating landing pages
  • Development of a custom product quickfind feature organized by product type and application, so web visitors can quickly locate and browse GOEPEL’s 200+ products
  • Salesforce integration to allow sales personnel to receive web leads in their CRM immediately upon lead form submissions throughout the site
  • Custom CMS to give content editors the ability to quickly update the site with no programming required
  • Design modernization and consistency throughout site and blog


  • Scalable website for mobile devices with a custom product quickfind feature programmed to load and stream data without having to refresh the page
  • Enhanced user experience with session-based cookie so that site visitors fill out a lead form only once for the many different technical resources and white papers offered across the site
  • Clear paths to lead generating premium content and popular product pages with promotional boxes and a site-wide “fancy footer” editable in the CMS
  • Efficiency gains with Salesforce integration that securely collects all web leads and imports the contacts into company CRM system

Website before and after images

website before and afterCustom Product Quickfind

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