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Your Audience Personas, Revisited

By Wendy Covey | CEO and Co-Founder

Personas help you attract the right people to your website by offering tailored content crafted with that perfect next customer in mind. They also help you weed out people you DON'T want as customers (you know the ones I’m talking about!), which is just as important.

As your company grows and offers new solutions, your personas should also grow and develop. There may be times when you’re struggling to attract and convert qualified leads on your website, which is a sign that your personas need work. Whether in response to business changes, performance issues, or simply out of need for annual realignment, revisit your audience personas annually and hone their profiles.

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Here are 3 top tips to revisit audience personas:

1. Interview customers aligned with personas.

Through brief interviews you can gauge the similarities and differences of your fictional persona profile with real-world customers. Start by identifying a small sample size of customers who you believe match the persona, and secure short phone interviews tied to key areas where you need information or validation. Once the interviews are complete, note differences (and surprises!) you’ve uncovered, and determine where persona updates to make.

2. Audit content by persona.

Revisit your content topic cluster(s) based on each of your existing personas. If you haven't created persona-based content topic clusters, check out our post: How to Build a Topic Cluster.

Questions to consider include:

  • Have you created content for each topic, or are there gaps that need filling? 
  • Are you driving the expected volume of visits to persona-based pillar pages, landing pages, or offers?
  • How well are you converting visits to form completions and marketing qualified leads?

This is also the time to consider tackling new forms of persona-based communication, such as automated email nurture sequences or tailored e-newsletters.

Don’t forget to examine persona-based sales enablement content, such as case studies and presentations. There may be holes to fill or improvements to make, based on feedback solicited from sales.

3. Hold an annual persona review strategy session.

Pull together staff from your marketing, sales, and service delivery teams. Walk through existing persona profiles and debate whether each attribute still applies. Once done, add one to two more dimensions to each persona profile. If needed, add new personas (positive or negative) and prioritize persona-based initiatives. This is a great time to tackle those persona-based content topic clusters I mentioned earlier to make sure you have coverage along the buyers journey.

The more time that passes using a persona-based content marketing strategy, you’ll continue learn and adapt, leading to more and more efficient growth of inbound qualified leads.

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Wendy Covey

CEO and Co-Founder

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