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Why Using a DIY Website CMS Costs More in the Long Run

These days there are almost countless solutions for getting a website designed, developed, and published for the world to see. From companies like Squarespace or Wix that provide easy DIY website building tools to the most popular CMS platforms like Wordpress that power about 28% of all websites, and everything in between; there’s arguably too many choices at first glance when things are marketed as low-cost or “free”.

DIY website costs you in the long run

However - it’s tough to trust the future of your company or organization’s digital presence to others that offer those solutions with those pricing structures when what’s needed is a singular and truly robust digital marketing platform that you can rely on for meaningful results. Here’s three reasons why those low-cost or “free” website solutions may not be the best bet for your company or organization.


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1. “Free” sometimes means “feature and support free”

When talking about the most popular website CMS platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal it’s worthy to mention they are popular for a reason. They are free open-source platforms that dedicated web designers and developers have taken one step further and made some truly great and unique web solutions with. The problem lies with a very saturated market of almost countless plugins, add-ons, and themes that pretty much have to be integrated into the CMS to be feasible. It’s hard to pass those up in the short-term when you don’t have to tap into the budget much with low-cost or “free” additions to your CMS. However, free more often than not means limited features and no cross-functionality with the promise of more with paid-tiers. This can lead to giving in to even more “freemium” or low-cost paid add-on services to fulfill what’s needed on your site. By the end of the web development process you might be left with way too many tools that don’t mix well together or are not well supported by their developers that can leave major bugs and security vulnerabilities in the long run. Furthermore - if the wrong analytics tools are implemented this approach can cost vital long-term marketing metrics.

In this case it’s much simpler, less risky, and more cost-effective to go with an all-in-one, feature rich yet analytics driven solution with digital marketing agencies that specialize in knowing and understanding how it all should be working best for your company or organization. See TREW Marketing’s successful approach to Web Design.


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2. Trendy Web Design isn’t always Effective

Companies that pride themselves on creating beautiful websites with relative ease like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly are great when you need a website up quickly and not have to worry much about things like web design or mobile-responsiveness. The question here is: are these services delivering an effective digital marketing tool to generate the best leads? A website should be more than an attractive, mobile-responsive set of pages when it comes to meeting business marketing goals. It should be housed and backed by a scalable marketing platform such as Hubspot that can easily track meaningful and easy to understand metrics and data that you’re generating from all your traffic.

With a powerful all-in-one platform like Hubspot and the right digital marketing partners to help take your digital marketing to the next level, it’s easy to make the right choice. TREW Marketing has even wrote an Ebook Guide to B2B Website Redesigns that’s free to download.


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3. It can cost a lot of valuable company time

Chances are: your business or organization is laser-focused on the day-to-day operations and delivering the absolute best things to others. We understand entirely. Even with the simplest DIY website solutions out there it’s still time taken out of you and your team’s schedules that may be best allocated elsewhere. It’s even less time-efficient doing all the research on which website platform to ultimately go with, putting the time in, then eventually redesigning with another platform because the previous one didn’t deliver meaningful returns. For many companies and organizations it’s a “vicious circle” of wasted time and resources, all with marketing goals needing to be reached. Luckily there’s a way out when you partner with the right Digital Marketing agency using the right data-driven marketing platform that can includes a more efficient website on top. Even better - using a platform like Hubspot really saves time in the long term when pulling together reports, rather than wasting time with various separate spreadsheets and analytics tools.

For more info on how TREW and our clients use HubSpot to deliver high-ROI results by visiting our HubSpot resource page. 

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