What’s New, What’s Coming, What’s Important: Insight from HubSpot Founders

By Jennifer Dawkins | Account Director

With more than 200 speakers and 19,000 fellow inbound marketers at HubSpot at Inbound 2016, there was a lot to learn and share. And even with tough competition like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Anna Kendrick, and Alex Baldwin, my favorite keynote was from the HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, who talked about their insight and new developments in marketing and sales.

Here are a few key points from that keynote that stuck with me.

1. Videos! You need more videos.

Texttovideo.pngVideos are how people are learning and getting information online today. In fact, Halligan recommended that 50% of your content created next year should be videos. So instead of hiring that next blogger, you may want to be looking for a videographer.

And the rules for video are changing. Think twice about talking head video and don’t spend a ton on the perfect music track, because 85% of videos are viewed today without sound. Keep this in mind when creating videos and ensure your message comes through visually. And while quality content always matters, there is a shift away highly-produced video that take months to videos taken and posted on the spot (even live video) that shows what’s happening now.

2. To win at SEO, focus on human enjoyment optimization.


We’ve known this for a while, right? But with search engines getting better and better at finding and serving up the content their visitors are responding to, it’s more important than ever. Google is building the engagement graph – finding the content that visitors are spending time on, sharing, and engaging with and serving it up. The better your user experience is, the more your readers finding what they are looking for when they click on your content, the deeper they are going into your content, the higher it’s going to show up on search.

3. The bots are coming.


Decades ago, we started building websites. Today, we are going to build bots, Shah said. Not to replace websites, but to power them and supplement them. They will also live in messaging apps and voice-activated devices. Think chatbots – software you can have a conversation with via text or voice to help you find information and accomplish what every they need to do more efficiently.

This surge is bots is a result of massive innovation in artificial intelligence, which is increasingly becoming less artificial and more intelligent. New advances in artificial intelligence are enabling machines to learn without being explicitly programmed. And the result of this is better predictive lead scoring, more accurate lead routing, and enhanced content recommendation – in short, this is going to enable autonomous, self-driving marketing automation to help us be better and more efficient marketers.

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Jennifer Dawkins

Account Director

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