Webcast Recap: Help! My Pipeline Sucks!

By Katie Blanchard

In our latest webinar, Dave Brock, author of the Sales Manager Survival Guide and CEO of Partners in Excellence sales consultancy and Wendy Covey, COO for TREW Marketing, discuss the roles of sales and marketing in regard to maintaining a healthy pipeline.

You can download the recorded webinar right here.

Dave and Wendy, in point/counterpoint style, cover a variety of topics including:

  • Diagnosing the health of your pipeline
  • Taking action to turn around weak funnels
  • How sales and marketing can work together efficiently and effectively
  • What can sales do for marketing?
  • What can marketing do for sales?
  • Which KPIs you should keep an eye on

At the end of the webinar we answer the following questions:

Is readiness most apparent when an RFP hits the street? In government contracting, the moment and RFP is issued, the bureaucrats control the lines of communication. Is there a better, earlier way to know?

Regarding companies with different types of sales, where the deal values can vary significantly, how do you determine average sales price?

What sales technology do you suggest to help move through the pipeline more efficiently?

What are some of the reasons that sales people blow off their tools?

Watch the Webinar

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