TREW Client Wineman Technology Launches New Website

By Lee Chapman | VP Account Services

Dynamometers, servo-hydraulic and hardware-in-the-loop test systems are no mystery to Wineman Technology, whose engineers are experts in test system design and development. When it came time to build a website back in 2009, however, they knew that outside help was required and called upon TREW Marketing.

Over the last eight years, TREW has been Wineman Tech's marketing partner helping them implement and grow their B2B inbound marketing program resulting in 50% revenue growth -- 13% from inbound marketing in 2016, 70% of their traffic now coming from inbound leads thanks to their all-in focus on creating a regular content cadence targeted to their buyer personas, and 100% in leads growth during this timeframe.

So in 2017, it was once again time for a major website redesign that showcased their deep technical content and expertise in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial industries and leveraged the HubSpot COS platform for it's built in tools that ensure their content is optimized for search, easy to promote via email and social media, includes responsive design for an ideal user experience across mobile devices, captures and nurtures leads, and integraetes with their blog and CRM. 

Matt Eurich, president of Wineman Technolgy describes the project, saying "TREW Marketing was the right partner for this project, given their technical industry knowledge and strategic approach. The site looks great and has all the features we wanted. We are absolutely pleased with the results."

Based on TREW Marketing's continued work as Wineman's B2B inbound marketing partner since 2009, the goals for this project were clear:
  • Modernize the look and feel of their website to include responsiveness to mobile devices
  • Improve the navigation to better reflect their offerings
  • Provide fresh technical content to prospects and customers
  • Improve search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Capture leads
TREW Marketing provided a broad range of services for this project, including:
  • Smart web marketing strategy tied into the overarching marketing plan
  • Intuitive site hierarchy with multiple navigation paths, including industries, and products
  • Compelling content along the buying funnel on all landing pages
  • Clean, modern design that conforms to the Wineman Technology brand
  • HubSpot Content Operating System which includes seamless intergration of their website, blog, CRM, and marketing automation to make driving and measuring conversions from visits to leads easy to track, measure and report across their organization in one system
  • Interactive aerospace and automotive graphics to visually convey the solutions the Wineman offers across these key industries

See the New Wineman Technology Site

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Lee Chapman

VP Account Services

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