TREW Teams Up with American Ceramics Society for Workshop

By Rebecca Geier | Co-Founder and Brand Strategist

Smart Marketing for Engineers Workshop October 12-13, 2017

Like any good marketing team, we have our personas defined at TREW. While we have about six, there are four primary audience types we normally work with. One in particular is Murray, or more fondly referred to inside TREW virtual hallways as “Middle of the Road Murray”.

 When I was writing my book, Murray was the primary reader I had in mind. And last year, when we decided to develop workshop curriculum, once again Murray was top of mind. Why you ask? Because Middle of the Road Murrays – as their full name implies – are seeking to grow their businesses, but are naturally skeptical of marketing. Murray - an engineer who is either company owner or leader – seeks credible sources to help him do marketing in a smart way targeted to like-minded, skeptical engineering customers.

Thus was born our workshops – to help Murrays who aren’t ready to hire TREW full-time but want to be guided through the process so they can keep costs down and do the lion’s share of their marketing themselves, at their own pace. We first developed two workshops – Marketing Planning and Content Marketing – and have since expanded to many different workshop types. We have also started partnering with various organizations to hold workshops for their members.

Enter American Ceramics Society. After speaking at the ACerS Leadership Summit earlier this spring, I received very positive feedback about the research data and methodology I shared as part of my talk. I even did a mini-workshop for the last hour to give the audience of ceramics industry business leaders (i.e., Murrays) in the room a jumpstart on their marketing plans.

The President-Elect of the Society, Mike Alexander, had this to say about the talk:

“I have been coming to the Ceramics Summit for 6 years and Rebecca's presentation was the best interactive and most beneficial program that’s been provided at ACerS.”       

- Mike Alexander, VP of Research at Riverside Refractories and President-Elect of the American Ceramics Society

After some discussion, TREW Marketing and ACerS have decided to host the first annual Smart Marketing for Engineers workshop. It will be held on October 12 – 13 in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the Materials Science and Technology show.

 Get details about the workshops and register on the ACerS website here. 

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Rebecca Geier

Co-Founder and Brand Strategist

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