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Infographic: Top 5 Findings from the 2019 SMFE Research Report

Planning without researching is just guessing. Strategizing your marketing spend this year without taking a look at what marketing research says is like playing darts with your marketing budget. Smart marketers research their industry, competitors, and customers so they best understand how to reach and sell to them.  

2019 B2B Marketing Trends for Technical Marketers

Engineering-focused marketing agency, TREW Marketing and IEEE GlobalSpec, a provider of data-driven industrial marketing solutions designed to help companies promote their products and grow their businesses, today announced the release of the 2019 Smart Marketing for Engineers Research Report. The study found that companies marketing to engineers should invest in creating diverse content, improving their website, and aligning sales and marketing teams to succeed in 2019.

Guest Blog: Does Your Engineering Firm Suffer from this Skill Gap?

Over the past five decades, an increasingly large gap in soft skill competencies has emerged throughout the engineering industry. Yet simultaneously, the demand for soft skills is growing, specifically in technical fields such as engineering.

4 Key Findings from TREW and IEEE Research

At TREW Marketing, we place a lot of importance and focus on marketing research. Every content marketing strategy we implement is based on our research and findings. We mobilize you with this research so you can better understand how engineers search for and buy industrial solutions.

New Study Shows 60% Of The Engineers’ Buying Process Happens Online

Content and marketing experts help companies understand how to engage technical prospects and when to handoff to sales New Industrial tech-sector research shows investment in content marketing pays off in closing business with technical audiences.

Live Webinar: New 2017 Research Report

New Research Shows Technical Content, Web Presence Vastly Influence Purchases in the Industrial Tech Sector FREE WEBINAR explains how to develop content and communicate with prospects to close more business

Engineers’ Unique Search Habits Across Europe and the U.S.

Earlier this year, we conducted research with Elektor International Media into the search habits and content preferences of engineers across Europe. We also compared these results to a recent study conducted on U.S. engineers to see how habits and preferences aligned and differed between the two groups.

New Research: Search is Top Choice for E.U. and U.S. Engineers

We teamed up with Elektor International Media to study the value of content marketing; search and online preferences; and the buyer’s journey of engineers in Europe for our 2017 research report.

TREW Marketing and Elektor Partner Together

TREW Marketing and Elektor have partnered together this year to conduct research on engineers and scientists in Europe in industries including aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, and automative. Research was also conducted on the differences between engineers in the U.S. vs. Europe. 

New Research: Smart Marketing for Engineers Europe Final Report

For many years now, TREW Marketing has dedicated hundreds of hours to studying, writing and sharing best practices, detailed methodologies, and conducting research on marketing to engineers, all available for free on our website. This eventually led to me writing my book, Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences, and why we continually do research to arm technical business, sales and marketing leaders with data to help direct their marketing investment.

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