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Key Marketing Acronyms for B2B Marketers to Understand and Employ

Business in general is replete with acronyms and jargon, and marketing is no exception. In fact, it’s likely one of the most jargon-y fields out there.

How to Create a B2B Marketing Plan that Drives Results

Updated August 15, 2017 There is a great saying many marketers use, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Without a plan, how do you know what you need to do, in priority order, to get there? In busy times, it is difficult to take a pause from everyday work to stop, breathe, focus, and plan. Instead, many rush down any road that looks promising at the moment. Unfortunately, these unplanned roads lead to mediocre results and higher costs – in time, money, stress, and frustration.

B2B Inbound Marketing Checklist: 11-Steps to Get Started Today

One of the most frequent questions we receive at TREW is, "What steps do I need to take to implement an inbound marketing approach geared towards a technical audience?"

TREW Marketing and Elektor Partner Together

TREW Marketing and Elektor have partnered together this year to conduct research on engineers and scientists in Europe in industries including aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, and automative. Research was also conducted on the differences between engineers in the U.S. vs. Europe. 

What to Include on Your Marketing Scorecard

When developing a marketing plan, determining how you’ll measure the success of your activities is as important as identifying activities themselves. Are you making progress toward your marketing goals? Which activities are bringing in the most leads? Are people finding you on search?

6 Grand Challenges of Marketing to Engineers Webinar

In this webinar, TREW CEO and Co-Founder Rebecca Geier discusses the unique set of challenges that come with marketing to engineers. 

3 Online Tools to Evaluate Your Inbound Marketing Foundation

If you’re looking to move to an inbound marketing model, the best place to start is to evaluate where you are today. Is your Website working for you? How’s your content marketing strategy? Can your target audience find you on search? We love these three quick and easy – and free! – online tools that will get you started.

Interested in an Inbound Marketing Workshop?

At TREW, our workshops are led by senior marketing consultants and cover multiple inbound marketing topics that are aimed at helping you meet your business or organizational goals.

TREW CEO Presents at American Ceramics Society

Last week, I had the distinct honor of speaking at the 6th annual Leadership Summit for members of the American Ceramics Society, held in conjunction with Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio.

TREW CEO and COO to Present at NIWeek 2017 Alliance Day

Will you be attending NIWeek 2017 at its new time of year this May in sunny Austin? Mark your calendars for two TREW-led sessions on Alliance Day, May 22, geared toward helping your market and sell to a technical audience. The specifics are below: Session Title: 10 Steps to Define Your Position and Message