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Seven Characteristics of a Great Spokesperson

This week, TREW Marketing is on the road, conducting a press tour with a client who recently introduced a new product. As we prepped, we were reminded of the factors behind a successful technical press meeting, and one of the most important: a great spokesperson.

The ROI of Content Marketing

Technical executives and sales leaders seeking more inbound qualified leads routinely ask me questions about return on investment -- how much and when? These leaders are typically seeking to scale without expanding their expensive direct sales force, replace unproductive prospecting, or cull fruitless outbound marketing investments. They’ve heard of content marketing but haven’t internalized how very different this model is to outbound marketing or prospecting.

Use It or Lose It - 6 Ideas for End-of-Year Marketing Spend

December is here and will quickly fly by. If you have marketing budget dollars to spend before the year ends, you are feeling the pressure. We've put together a list of quick, effective marketing investments for you to consider.

3 Things Top Performers Do to Ensure Marketing Planning Success

In my 6 years as a marketing strategist for TREW, I've had the opportunity to work with many B2B marketing leadership teams to build successful marketing plans. And occasionally, I've worked with teams that, despite developing a great plan, failed to implement it successfully. I recently had a prospect ask me what separates teams who are able to implement successful plans that generate results from teams who create plans, but don't see results.

6 Reasons Outsourcing Your Marketing is A Great Idea

Why should you consider outsourcing your marketing? There are many good reasons but most of them come down to dollars and expertise. Unlike sales, marketing is an expense -- not a money-maker. The sales team is usually the last department to be cut. Having too many marketers can potentially drain your profits, but too few can lead to an overworked team.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Marketing Agency

Seeking out a marketing partner can be a daunting task. If you’ve never worked with an agency before, you may find yourself not knowing how to vet potential partners. Or it may be the case that you’ve been burned by a negative experience in the past, and are wary of ending up in the same situation again.

Top 6 Topics for Sales + Marketing Alignment Sessions

Time is money.

How to Hire a Technical Marketing Manager: Part 1

Often in small engineering companies, the marketing responsibilities are shared among a few technical staff. For instance, an R&D engineer may also be the web IT guy who fixes the website or writes code and content to update pages. Maybe a technical sales person is responsible for creating materials for a trade show in between customer visits and writing proposals. If your company is growing and marketing is not keeping up, it may be time to consider hiring a dedicated technical marketing manager.

5 Proven Tactics to Reach Engineers

At TREW Marketing, we work every day to help deeply technical companies effectively market to engineers. Based on years of researching engineers' search, content and buying preferences, and working with companies across North America in industries from automotive to IIoT to implement content and inbound marketing programs to drive awareness and demand, we have put together this list of five proven best practices to follow. 

The ONE Thing Your Sales Team Should Stop Doing Today

This was originally published in 2016 and has been updated. On the heels of visiting a client for a lead and opportunity management strategy meeting and attending the HubSpot Partner Day in Boston, I noticed a common theme across all of the conversations I’d had over the past few days: marketers have done a lot of work to adopt inbound and content marketing, but their efforts aren't necessarily translating into sales.

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