Smart Marketing for Engineers 2016 Study: Marketing & Selling Through the Buyer’s Journey

By Katie Blanchard

TREW Marketing and The Linus Group, a leading marketing agency serving science and healthcare, partnered to survey their databases of engineers and scientists in order to study their behaviors down through the funnel, from awareness to consideration to purchase decision. You can sign up to download the “Smart Marketing for Engineers 2016 Study: Marketing & Selling Through the Buyer's Journey” survey report to learn all about the findings.

The Key Takeaways were:

  • Most engineers say over 60% of their buying process happens online
  • Over 80% of engineers prefer to research vendor websites before taking to sales
  • Nearly 80% of engineers expect a vendor to thank them for their interest within 48 hours after completing a web form (and over 70% say they're more likely to do business with these companies)
  • 60% of engineers said a company's website has a considerable impact – the highest rating possible – on their perceptions as a credible, technically competent vendor

To find out more on marketing and selling through the buyer's journey, download the full survey report right here.

SMFE Survey Report

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