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Reflecting on 2020 and Giving Back

2020 was the year we all shifted our marketing plans as Covid-19 took the world into lockdown. Marketing budgets and plans pivoted to selling and operating in a fully digital world. As trade shows and sales events were cancelled, companies turned to their digital marketing teams to reach prospects through content like white papers, videos, live webinars, and digital events. Whether your marketing plan was ready or not, 2020 was the year for digital marketing.

As a digital marketing firm, 2020 has been a big content year for TREW. Our fearless leader, Wendy Covey, published a book, Content Marketing, Engineered, and launched her own podcast. We started the Content Marketing Engineered, Academy to train digital marketers to write content for technical audiences. And finally, the TREW Crew grew by three (Lance Looper, Julia Fellows and Jamie Tokarz), and we named Lee Chapman as President of TREW.

During this unique year, we are so grateful to our clients and partners who have supported us to make all this possible. To show our gratitude this holiday season, we gave both our time and financial support to several regional food banks that nourish the hungry in our communities. From forming food bag assembly lines, to stocking food pantries shelves, each member of the TREW Crew volunteered at a local food bank in five different cities around the United States. Check out the video below to see how the TREW Crew gave back this holiday season.

2020 TREW Holiday Day Card Video


For more information or to volunteer at any of these food banks, please check out the links below.