New Report: Preliminary Data from Smart Marketing for Engineers 2017 Europe Study

By Stephanie Logerot | Inbound Marketing Manager

In early 2017, TREW Marketing and Elektor International Media sought to learn from engineers and scientists in the UK and Europe about their content, online search, and buying preferences in industries such as manufacturing, consumer electronics, aerospace/defense, and automotive. Preliminary findings from the survey include:

  • Engineers in Europe – similar to their peers in the U.S. – view search engines and vendor websites as the most valued content sources to use when seeking information for their job
  • 87% of engineers in Europe indicate they are more likely to do business with a company that regularly produces new and current content
  • 88% of engineers in Europe prefer to search online on multiple vendors’ websites and read available information before talking to sales

The final report will be published in late Spring 2017, and we'll email it to those who download this preliminary version.

Download Preliminary Report

Are you an engineer or scientist in Europe? Take the survey for a chance to win €50,00. The research goes two ways. While the data helps companies learn how to better reach engineers, it also gives engineers the opportunity to voice how they want to be reached with marketing. Engineers make critical purchase decisions that involve interacting with vendors and salespeople, and by completing the survey, they can influence the content companies create for them and the way companies interact with them. Ultimately, the data helps companies get the right information to engineers through the most meaningful engagements.

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Stephanie Logerot

Inbound Marketing Manager