HubSpot Technology Stack Updates from INBOUND 2016

By Wendy Covey | CEO and Co-Founder

A few weeks ago I attended my 4th consecutive INBOUND 2016 conference along with TREW colleague Jennifer Dawkins. If you've ever been to a conference with 18,000 or so attendees, you may agree with my view that it can seem like an alternate universe! We managed to make it back home intact with stories to share and livers to nuture back to health. During the event HubSpot made their annual product announcements and we took many notes for your benefit.


TREW Marketing colleagues Wendy Covey and Jennifer Dawkins stop in for a spaceship action shot at the INBOUND 2016 expo

This was somewhat of a continuous improvement year, with new features and UI enhancements geared towards efficiency gains for specific marketing and sales roles. It is clear from the announcements that HubSpot continues to focus on the needs of marketing and sales teams of small-to-medium sized businesses with approachable, robust tools that integrate very tightly. This value proposition sets them apart from the competition.

Whether you are on the HubSpot platform today, or are evaluating your company’s sales and marketing technology stack for 2017, our product announcement highlights below should provide some inspiration for your own continuous improvement. For a full run-down of the announcements, visit HubSpot's what's new page.

For the marketer

  • Projects and Collaboration - track and assign tasks, start projects from pre-configured templates, collaborate between marketing and sales
  • Adwords tool - incorporates Facebook in addition to Google and LinkedIn

 For writers and content specialists

  • Composer view - clean, uncluttered space for creating quality content
  • Visual Workflows - complex made easy with a way to zoom in/out to perfect your workflows
  • Content curation - provides a way to gather, research, and publish content 

For the salesperson

  • Meeting module - share your availability with prospects using this calendar feature and eliminate the back-and-forth meeting logistics emails
  • Pop up message boxes from website - how can I help you dialog box from your website, managed through HubSpot
  • Unified Sales & Marketing App - access contacts and behavior intelligence in a speedy app from your mobile phone

 For the sales and marketing leader

  • New reports included standard packages of Marketing Pro and CRM
  • Marketing Free (formerly known as LeadIn) - try out the basic lead capture/track/convert functions of HubSpot Marketing, free of charge

Are you considering switching to HubSpot as your marketing & sales technology stack? TREW Marketing can help! Contact us to set up a needs assessment with one of our Certified HubSpot Specialists.

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Wendy Covey

CEO and Co-Founder

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