5 Fast, Compelling Videos to Create Now

By Wendy Covey | CEO and Co-Founder

Yesterday I attended an information-packed Austin Social Media Breakfast meeting. The topic was "Five Types of Videos to Create Under One Hour" presented by Reel Social Media.

As an introduction, we learned about the importance of video as content on your website. The most interesting stats were that Video + Content = 53% more liklely to win a first page Google Rank, and results in anywhere from a 2x - 6x improvement in conversion rate.

The five types of videos recommended for quick production and big returns are...

  1. Book reviews
  2. Interviews
  3. Testimonials
  4. Screencasts (think video software demo)
  5. How-to videos

Let's dive into details on a few that I found most interesting for companies marketing to engineers and scientists.

Interviews - Use video to make your business personal. This can be coverage of the industry, of a company, or a product as told through people. Keep these interviews short and stay on target.

Here is a great example: Company X just created a new technical white paper and posted it to their website. By interviewing the author of the white paper, and posting the video of the interview, more prospects will find out about the white paper and be compelled to download the material. In a recent test, Reel Media found that the video ranked higher faster on search engines than the white paper itself.

Testimonials - Use testimonial video to add credibility to a subject and "make you look good." To do this, be sure the speaker is prepared and comfortable. They need to get to the point quickly and be authentic.

Screencasts - For a software company, it is important to allow prospects to view the environment, functions, and features of your product. First though, have a person on screen to introduce themselves and the demo. People like to see people. When launching into the demo, ensure the speaker knows where all the functions are and the demo works as it should. (I'll spare you the very poor example shared during the SMB presentation!)

How-To Videos - These are powerful as they often bind us with a common struggle to overcome. The more specific they are, the more powerful. The speaker gave a great example of his broken washing machine. He Googled the make and model, and found a YouTube How-To video of his exact machine having the same issues (even down to the same strange sounds). The "boring title" of this video post was perfect as it was very specific to this problem. When creating this type of video, be informative and specific, avoiding a sales pitch of any sort.

Throughout the presentation, I picked up helpful tidbits. Here are a few:

  • Transcribe your videos (resources include SpeakerText and Dragon Engine)
  • Be genuine
  • Know your audience and their care-abouts (form v. function, content v. context)
  • Keep it short (1.5 - 3 minutes)
  • Don't be afraid of showing your face

Interested in learning more? View the full presentation or contact TREW Marketing to create your video marketing strategy.

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Wendy Covey

CEO and Co-Founder

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