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B2B Marketing Planning Checklist

By Lee Chapman | VP Account Services

Going to market with only a set of ideas about how to attract and engage your target personas and grow leads and revenue for your business can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Usually a miss. Your time and budget are limited, so to ensure inbound marketing success and deliver measurable results, you need a solid, documented plan. 

Marketing Planing Checklist Blog 2019

Here’s a checklist to ensure successful marketing planning:
checkmark-1  Define your business goals for the next 1, 3, and 5 years
    • Define measurable, attainable goals and objectives for each

    • Define how marketing can contribute to achieving these goals and the roles/responsibilities for key team members

    • Determine what sets your products or services apart from your competitors

checkmark-1  Establish an annual marketing budget

    • Target 6-12% of revenue based on company size, margins, past marketing investment, the economy, and revenue forecasts.

checkmark-1  Create or engage your marketing advisory team.
    • This is typically up to five stakeholders including the head of marketing, head of sales, senior sales manager, senior engineer, and the president or CEO.

checkmark-1 Audit Current Marketing Activities & Create a SWOT Analysis

    • Audit your current marketing activities including:

      • Brand positioning and messaging

      • Content

      • Website

      • Leads

      • Channel Partners

      • Marketing systems and tools

checkmark-1 Define 3 personas as your target audience and market

        • Determine how your personas view your market, industry, and company

        • Determine the best way to attract and engage those specific personas

checkmark-1 Create 3-to-5 marketing campaigns and their corresponding marketing activities

    • Prioritize and define integrated marketing activities for up to 5 focused campaigns

      • Campaigns are often centered on an industry, persona, and/or major product/service initiative(s)
checkmark-1 Set your success measures
      • Define meaningful KPIs to measure your campaigns and activities against your business goals

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