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Leading During Uncertainty

Uncertainty. There is a lot of that going around these days, as the world reacts to the spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus. As with other crises both local and global in scope, business leaders need to keep calm, stay informed, and react quickly when policies and plans are needed to protect their employees, customers, and business.  Uncertainty can also present golden opportunities to innovate and grow.

New Podcast Series Launched by TREW CEO

I’m excited to announce the launch of my podcast series Content Marketing, Engineered. In each episode I’ll bring in colleagues, industry friends, and TREW clients to share their experiences and wisdom marketing to technical audiences. My goal is to help you work smarter and produce better results with content marketing. 

What Keeps the VP of Sales and Marketing Up at Night?

Prospecting is one of the most difficult parts of the sales process. Why? The act of prospecting is typically interruptive, performed at the salesperson's convenience rather than the prospects, and too often it occurs too early in the buyers journey. All of this leads to frustration and inefficiency for the salesperson, and a turn-off for the potential buyer.

The TREW Crew's Favorite Ways to Give Back

As the holiday season is upon us, we are so grateful for all the amazing clients and partnerships we have had this year. It's been a busy and successful year at TREW Marketing, and we have so many exciting things to look forward to in 2020.

Q&A from Webinar:  2020 Smart Marketing for Engineers

Thank you to all who joined IEEE GlobalSpec and TREW Marketing for our 3rd annual Smart Marketing to Engineers research findings webinar. Over 500 marketing and engineering professionals registered to learn how to better reach technical audiences, underscoring the importance of continuing to study and learn about this unique audience group.  

3 Steps to Calculate Your Leads-to-Revenue Ratio

Do you want to know how many web visits and leads you need to meet your revenue goals? Follow these three steps to create the math model for your lead generation strategy.

The Most Costly Mistake that Trade Show Exhibitors Make

Events are in my blood. My college days at Texas A&M were spent organizing student organization trade shows. During my early career at National Instruments, I planned 50+ trade show exhibits annually, and now I consult with TREW clients on their trade show strategy.

Improve Database Quality By Taking Out the Trash

Content is termed the “king” when it comes to marketing – but I am going to challenge that and say that data might be even more powerful. Without accurate data, your content will never reach its fullest potential. Leads are one of the most common metrics measured by marketing. But if you start to peel back the layers, the TRUE leads are likely to be a smaller percentage after you remove the “trash” that accumulates in your database.

Lots of Qualified Leads, Now What

A recent customer conversation epitomized the power (and potential pitfall) of effective inbound marketing. One of the more marketing-savvy business owners I contacted said that he only reaches out to customers that “raise their hand.” This is certainly the ideal state - customers telling you they are interested in your products and services instead of the other way around. Besides, cold calling isn't fun and can be especially ineffective when your sales model requires highly technical engineers and scientists to sell sophisticated solutions to other highly technical engineers and scientists.

Video: Basics of Lead Scoring

As your inbound marketing efforts gain traction and you start to capture a steady stream of leads, you will likely encounter new issues. The surplus leads may bottleneck in the marketing > sales lead handoff, aging while waiting for review and follow up, or a drop in sales productivity as your high-value resources spend too much time evaluating leads instead of working qualified prospects. At the same time, you have a significant opportunity to monitor signs that a potential qualified buyer is ready to engage with sales.

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