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Case Study: Book Promotion via LinkedIn Ads

May 19, 2016 Because our CEO/cofounder's book Smart Marketing for Engineers: Build Your Foundation is written for aspiring marketers, marketing professionals and engineering leaders, we decided to promote the book through LinkedIn – the social platform for professionals - using their paid ad service and see if the ROI was worth it. LinkedIn offers two types of ads: sponsored updates and text ads. Since we wanted to capture our target audience’s attention to the book through their feeds and generate downloads, sponsored updates seemed like the best option.

Book Reviews for ‘Smart Marketing for Engineers’

May 5, 2016 At the beginning of this year, our CEO Rebecca Geier launched her new book Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences. Through decades of marketing experience working with hundreds of engineers and scientists, Rebecca knows that reaching technical audiences requires a careful approach. With a true desire to help, she wrote Smart Marketing for Engineers. If you are an engineer or technical business leader looking for a straightforward, research-based guide to modern marketing or a professional marketer new to targeting technical audiences, this book is for you.

Leverage Customer Service Through Social Media

April 28, 2016 According to the Socially Devoted report by Social Bakers, a social media analytics company, response rate for business has gone up 3% overall. Major brands such as Nike, Amazon, or Microsoft have their own special Twitter account for customer support. Their response rates range from 70% to 80%, which means these brands are largely aware of the conversations pointing to them and put in great efforts to assist customers on social media. In addition, the report also shows that 20% of user posts mentioning brand accounts are questions. There’s a real need for companies to expand their customer service space to social media. As social media platforms are easy to use, they help to speed the process of customer service, while adding a personal and meaningful touch to the conversation. Apart from the intended receiver, you get to show the (virtual) world how much you care and how amazing your customer service is! This time, customer service gets to play a great part in your brand building efforts. Customer service now becomes a significantly more visible part of brand-building, how can you effectively deal with it?

An Insight Into Keywords

April 21, 2016 Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO. They help you get found by your target customers. In order for search engines to connect customers to your site, you need to learn how to optimize your site so that people find you when they search for the terms you want to be found for. For example, if you’re a marketing agency, your keyword list could include ‘marketing plan steps’, ‘marketing to engineers’, ‘technical marketing’, or ‘inbound marketing’. They can be buzzwords or jargon, but they’re essential to your search marketing strategy. Your keyword research plays an integral role in connecting you to your customers digitally. You want to be seen and get found among hundreds of other websites that show up in Google results.  It can be difficult, but not impossible. After you’ve generated a list of keywords, you’ll need to look for insights. Apart from cold numerical data that Google Keyword Planner or any keyword generator gives you (search volume, bidding range, competition score, etc.), there are a few other ways to learn about your keywords organically. It takes time, but will give you a significant edge among your competitors who only rely on the numbers offered to them. Ask what your keyword is telling you and where it is leading to. Get your shovels ready because we’re about to do some serious digging.

Lead Nurturing Tips You Can Use Right Now

April 5, 2016 You’ve collected a database full of contact information, but at this point, they’re still mostly unqualified. They are more engaged with your product or service and trusted you enough to provide their information, but they aren’t ready to buy or make a commitment. With effective lead nurturing, you can usher these contacts down the funnel, but it’s easier said than done. We’ve got you covered, though – implement the following lead nurturing practices to help you capture sales opportunities.

Already Using HubSpot for Marketing Automation? Try the COS

March 10, 2016 If you’re a HubSpot user, you’re probably familiar with HubSpot workflows and marketing automation processes. Are you loving it? If so, you’ll probably like HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS). We recently integrated our website with the COS and found ourselves wondering why we hadn’t done this earlier. What convinced us to make the move?

4 Best Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Management Process

March 3, 2016 Once you’ve decided to establish a presence on social media for your company, you’ll be responsible for a whole new stream of processes. It can be altogether time-consuming and confusing. How can you maximize your efforts? How can your social media channels live up to their best potential? What other things can you do to optimize your tweet? You’ll have to keep all this in mind while developing your social messaging schedule. In addition, you can’t just be shouting through the megaphone without listening to feedback and measuring results. You want to know what is being said about you, when it is said, and how it is said. Then, you can turn feedback into action. We get it. It’s a lot. Luckily, there are a multitude of tools that help streamline your social posting process. Here are four of our favorites.

Trends in Social Media for B2B Marketing You Don't Want to Miss

February 16, 2016 In the last decase, we've seen plenty of social media marketing tools, new and emerging platforms, and millions of content pieces being created every day. According to ACI’s infographic, Twitter users tweet 277,000 times, Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of content, and Instagram users post 216,000 new photos every single minute. To help you understand various platforms, we’ve taken the time to observe and compile a list of B2B social media marketing trends to keep you updated.

Overcoming the Manufacturing Marketing Challenge

February 11, 2016 Rebecca recently sat down with Bruce McDuffe from Manufacturing Marketing Matters podcast to discuss the challenges of selling to a technical audience and offer insights on how to reach them effectively. “Marketing in this space has to be as smart as the people it targets,” says Rebecca Geier, co-founder of TREW Marketing and author of Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences.  

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