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A Blog About Blogging: Four Tips to Reach Blog Success

Back in 2004, I was fresh out of college and working at my first job as a PR writer. I’d kept in touch with one of my favorite professors, who was the editor of a news magazine, and one day he emailed to ask if I would write a blog for his magazine. Blogs were relatively new back then, and while I’d seen a few of them in my college days, they were nowhere near as ubiquitous as they are now. My former professor was interested in trying out this format as a way to get some different voices and opinions on his site without just having people write a bunch of formal op-eds.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Technical Audiences

Landing pages are the gateways to getting new contacts and leads from your website. You should be strategic and thoughtful when creating your landing pages because you want to drive conversions. So how do you optimize your landing pages to increase your conversion rates? There's many ways to do this--such as removing page navigation so users can't click away from your content offers. To help you out, we've pulled from our research on engineers to give you advice for crafting appealing landing pages for technical audiences.

Infographic: Know YOUR Audience: The Basics of A/B Testing

Most engineers and scientists swear by testing, testing, and more testing. And marketers are the same. In fact, Steelhouse proved that “using correct targeting and testing methods can increase conversion rates up to 300 percent.” A/B testing is one of the best – and most used - techniques to learn what content performs best with your audience, but it can be hard to know how to start the process and choose the right elements. With A/B testing, you create two or more versions of one marketing element, such as a subject line of an email or CTA button, then put it in front of two randomly selected audiences to see which performs better. The best part of A/B testing is that you are testing two segments of your audience, not relying on industry standards. Your contacts are the judges, and the outcome can significantly affect your conversion rates and, ultimately, your bottom line. The Importance of A/B Testing Marketers still struggle to prove the ROI of digital marketing, inbound marketing and content marketing. A/B testing is the simplest and easiest way to find out whether marketing efforts work or not.

The Plain and the Glamorous

At least once a year, someone somewhere in the marketing world declares that email is dead. Usually this is followed by exposition on the new technology that has overtaken email. It’s a catchy phrase, for sure, and there are many sexy technologies out there that are more fun to play with. The fact remains, however, that email has been and will remain the workhorse of marketing – no matter what new technology pops up on the horizon.   Here's a look at the history of email. 

We're Hiring: Inbound Marketing Specialist

Interesting in joining the TREW Crew? We're seeking an inbound marketing specialist to join our growing agency in Austin, Texas focused in the B2B science, engineering and technology markets.

TREW CEO and COO to Present at NIWeek 2017 Alliance Day

Will you be attending NIWeek 2017 at its new time of year this May in sunny Austin? Mark your calendars for two TREW-led sessions on Alliance Day, May 22, geared toward helping your market and sell to a technical audience. The specifics are below: Session Title: 10 Steps to Define Your Position and Message

Upcoming In-Person Workshop in Dallas

April 4 update: This post originally mentioned an additional workshop in Houston, but it has since been cancelled. We've updated this post accordingly. We're holding an in-person workshop in Dallas on April 20-21. In this one-and-a-half day workshop led by Rebecca Geier, she'll guide you through TREW's proven Smart Marketing approach and the key stages of developing both your marketing and content plans. You will leave with draft plans in-hand, including targeted objectives and success measures to prove return on investment. The agenda is as follows:

New Report: Preliminary Data from Smart Marketing for Engineers 2017 Europe Study

In early 2017, TREW Marketing and Elektor International Media sought to learn from engineers and scientists in the UK and Europe about their content, online search, and buying preferences in industries such as manufacturing, consumer electronics, aerospace/defense, and automotive. Preliminary findings from the survey include:

Live Webinar: Help! My Pipeline Sucks!

Learn how to diagnose and take action to improve the health of your pipeline during this live webinar, March 8 from 11 am-12 pm CT.

Be the Signal Amidst Noisy Content

Creating excellent content is the core of any inbound marketing strategy, but it’s much easier said than done. If you aren’t already overwhelmed by the amount of content you imagine you’re up against online, the actual data shows that the competition is probably worse than you expected. Sorry. In 2014, business analytics company Domo created this infographic to show just how much data is generated every minute:

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