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Content Marketing, Engineered

TREW Marketing CEO, Wendy Covey, releases Content Marketing, Engineered, a new book for technical companies looking to strengthen business with content marketing available now on Amazon and

TREW Marketing CEO, Wendy Covey, Named ATX Woman to Watch

Austin Woman magazine recently featured TREW Marketing CEO, Wendy Covey, as a Woman to Watch in their May 2020 issue. A staple in the engineering industry, Wendy has grown TREW Marketing, improved her clients’ businesses, written a book, started a podcast, and spoken at events across the country – all to help other technical leaders and marketers with strategic content marketing.

10 Keys to Success as a Technical Marketing Manager

To be a successful technical marketing manager, you must understand how to apply marketing best practices in the context of a nuanced technical audience.  If you’ve hired a technical marketing manager, pass along this information to help your new staff member understand the breadth and depth of technical marketing. Or, if you’ve just been hired as a new technical marketing manager, congratulations! Here's a jumpstart to your job: research from hundreds of engineers that shows how they search for information and how they want to interact with marketing and sales. These 10 keys – which focus on brand, positioning, website plans, content marketing strategy, and awareness and loyalty campaigns – will strengthen the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful marketing manager in a technical, B2B company:

Create a Visual Brand with Your Corporate Pitch Deck

Your visual brand consists of the design elements that communicate your company’s values and personality. The design of every piece of content you produce conveys something about your brand at first glance, before a prospect reads a single word.

2020 Smart Marketing for Engineers® Research Report

Engineering-focused, full-service marketing agency, TREW Marketing, and IEEE GlobalSpec, a provider of data-driven industrial marketing solutions designed to help companies promote products and grow businesses, today announced the release of the 2020 Smart Marketing for Engineers® Research Report.

Content IS King - 5 Steps to Writing Effective White Papers

Compelling content is vital to your marketing efforts – engineers need and expect technical content such as white papers, data sheets, and detailed customer testimonials. These materials do much more than inform; through engaging content, you increase trust, strengthen perceived value and brand loyalty, gain a higher click-through rate for content placed on your website, and ultimately generate new leads and sales.

6 Mistakes B2B Digital Marketers Make

Believe it or not, the number of people using the internet is still increasing. The way that people gather information about a buying decision has shifted online, and because the best marketing meets customers where they are with the right information when they need it, marketing has shifted too. Digital marketing encompasses any marketing that exists online.

How to Write a Technical Press Release

10 Key Components You Can't Forget When Writing a Press Release News releases are still a vital piece of ongoing marketing.  They help you control your message, support SEO, and generate third-party content. But, like any content, if not written well, a news release will detract from your brand rather than support it.

Technical Marketing Writers: Why You Need One When You Already Have an SME

They are questions that arise often at the beginning of marketing planning. You’re in the middle of content calendar creation and ready to start marketing to engineers and assigning subject matter experts (SMEs) and writers to each task. You wonder aloud, “Why should we have a writer handle these content projects? Can’t our engineers write the content?”

How to Message Meaningful Differentiators

You must know and define your brand if you expect others to follow it. For your brand message to stand out, it has to be distinct, defining you as different than your competitors. 

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