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TREW Marketing and Elektor Partner Together

TREW Marketing and Elektor have partnered together this year to conduct research on engineers and scientists in Europe in industries including aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, and automative. Research was also conducted on the differences between engineers in the U.S. vs. Europe. 

4 Things I Learned During My TREW Internship

As I write this, I am in the middle of my first month out of college. In May, I graduated with an Advertising degree and a Business Foundations certificate from the University of Texas at Austin. I began my internship at TREW in June of 2016 and was eager to put my advertising and business skills to work as I entered into my senior year of college. What initially attracted me to TREW was the strong culture and passion for marketing to a specific audience. I thought that was really unique and quite smart. I also wanted to learn more about marketing and how advertising plays a role within it. 

5 Content Marketing Blogs to Jump-Start Your Content Plan

We are halfway through the year now,  and you may have forgotten about your New Year's resolutions, but make sure you remember the importance of on-going content creation. Here are five of our most popular content marketing blog posts to jump-start your H2 2017 content plan.

6 Grand Challenges of Marketing to Engineers Webinar

In this webinar, TREW CEO and Co-Founder Rebecca Geier discusses the unique set of challenges that come with marketing to engineers. 

Interested in an Inbound Marketing Workshop?

At TREW, our workshops are led by senior marketing consultants and cover multiple inbound marketing topics that are aimed at helping you meet your business or organizational goals.

Webcast Recap: Help! My Pipeline Sucks!

In our latest webinar, Dave Brock, author of the Sales Manager Survival Guide and CEO of Partners in Excellence sales consultancy and Wendy Covey, COO for TREW Marketing, discuss the roles of sales and marketing in regard to maintaining a healthy pipeline. You can download the recorded webinar right here.

More Praise for "Smart Marketing for Engineers"

Last year, our CEO Rebecca Geier launched her book Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences. Rebecca wrote this book with a true desire to help marketers to reach these audiences, and with decades of marketing experience working with engineers and scientists, she knows that reaching them requires a careful approach.  

Survey:  2017 Engineering Marketing Campaign Plans

Our colleagues at are currently conducting a survey on 2017 budget plans for engineering marketers. This survey will dive into how engineering marketers are planning to spend their budgets this year.

Happy Holidays! The TREW Crew Shares Their Favorite Traditions

Happy Holidays from the TREW Crew! It’s a special time of the year and we wish everyone a wonderful time with their friends and family. In light of this time of year, we wanted to share each of our favorite holiday traditions with you!

Webcast Recap: Marketing & Selling Through the Buyer's Journey

Last Wednesday we held our latest webinar on marketing and selling through the buyer's journey. Our CEO and Co-founder, Rebecca Geier, shares the findings from the Smart Marketing for Engineers 2016 research study that was done in partnership with the Linus Group. You can download the webinar right here.

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