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Social Media: Real-world Examples that Dispel the Myths

Many technical B2B business leaders believe social media is not relevant in the technical and engineering space. Other engineering and technical companies just don't understand where to start or how to measure success in social media marketing. 

Web Kit: Top Resources for Your B2B Technical Website Redesign

Research shows that your company's website has major impact on how your brand is perceived by visiting customers. This means that your website needs to fully optimized and designed to showcase your brand and expertise to technical buyers.

Case Study: Viewpoint Systems

Viewpoint Systems specializes in high quality test, and embedded and control applications across industries including aerospace, energy, automotive, and manufacturing. Their team of software and systems development experts works with the company’s engineering and machine builder customers to define system requirements and use the leading advanced software and hardware to prototype, build and verify system performance. Viewpoint Systems is a Platinum Partner, Embedded Control Specialist and Electronic Design Specialist of National Instruments.

Thursday Trend: Marketing Buzzwords You Should Know

Digital marketing is a constantly moving target. New words, phrases, and methodologies are coined each year, making it hard for non-marketers to keep up with the latest buzzwords. Here are five recent digital marketing trends to know and understand in the new year. 1. Content Marketing "Content Marketing" search trend on Google from Jan 2010-Jan 2014

New Year, New Website

TREW Marketing is proud to launch our newly redesigned website, which showcases our work in engineering, science, and IT industries. We set out to update our website to make it easier and faster for technical business leaders to find solutions to their unique marketing needs. We developed the site hierarchy and architecture to speak to our audiences' pain points and built a custom CMS so our TREW team can update web content on-the-fly and process leads automatically with a HubSpot marketing automation software integration. TREW home page website snapshots before (left) and after (right)

Thursday Trends: B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends

How does your lead generation stack up against other B2B technology companies? The B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, comprised of more than 42,000 marketing professionals in software and high-tech industries, did a survey of their group to gather trends in lead generation. More than 800 respondents were tallied to create the report, and here are the highlights. Generating high-quality leads is the number one challenge for B2B marketers, followed by converting leads into customers, and creating meaningful content.

Simple Marketing Hacks For Your Blog

With all the time you invest in creating content for your blog, it’s easy to overlook some of the simple things that you can do to promote your blog and increase its effectiveness in generating web traffic and leads. Here are a few simple marketing hacks you can use right away for your blog. Blogging Hack 1: Create CTA Buttons and Banners in Powerpoint

Marketing to Human Engineers - Big Ideas from INBOUND '13

Fresh from our trip to HubSpot’s annual INBOUND Marketing Conference, the TREW Crew is full of new insights and vision of how marketing should be. No matter who you’re marketing to, the fundamental premise of inbound is about interacting, connecting, and delighting a customer…it’s about the experience. “We’ve got to stop thinking like marketers and start acting like humans.” Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot Co-Founder, said that in today’s highly connected, information-rich world, 63% of the buying process is controlled by your prospect – before a salesperson is engaged! Not only does this change the role of the sales person, it puts greater demands on marketing to educate – delivering the right information at the right time.

New TREW Talk: How to Get Started with Search Advertising

An introductory webinar on how to create a successful search advertising campaign that makes every click you pay for count. TREW Marketing’s latest TREW Talk webinar on how to create a successful paid search strategy guides you through how to develop and implement a search advertising campaign, targeted to a technical audience, that increases web traffic and generates leads.

5 Steps to Building an Even More Outrageously Successful Search Advertising Campaign

Creating search engine advertising campaigns is like peeling back the layers of an onion. As you go through the different stages of setup and execution, you reveal new complexities at each step. Acknowledging these details, we decided to re-surface an old search advertising post, 5 Steps to Building an Outrageously Successful Paid Search Campaign, with added advice to each step, so you can create an even more outrageously successful campaign!

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