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New Study Shows 60% Of The Engineers’ Buying Process Happens Online

By Morgan Norris

Content and marketing experts help companies understand how to engage technical prospects and when to handoff to sales

New Industrial tech-sector research shows investment in content marketing pays off in closing business with technical audiences.

A new study released by engineering-focused marketing agency, TREW Marketing, in partnership with engineering and technical content provider, IEEE GlobalSpec, found that 90% of engineers surveyed are more likely to do business with companies that produce new and current content, and that most engineers prefer to have multiple independent interactions with a company online before they’re ready to talk to sales. As a result, companies in highly technical markets must consider the right content plans and sales follow-up best practices to succeed. Learn more.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.07.16 AM.png

Engineers are more likely to do business with companies producing content. 

These findings come from a survey of over 800 technical professionals who make or influence buying decisions launched in July 2017, and detail more conclusions, including:

1. Your Online Presence Matters

For the majority of engineers, data showed that a company’s website has considerable impact on brand perception and that 60% of the buying process happens online. In addition, emails are an important, as nearly 50 percent of engineers in all regions and age groups subscribe to four or more e-newsletters.

newsletters smfe 2017.jpeg

More than 50 percent of engineers subscribe to four or more email newsletters.

2. Your Personas Matter

Defining your target personas, including basic information like their demographics, can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your content marketing. Fifty percent of younger engineers expect to be contacted within 24 hours after completing a form on a vendor’s website, while older engineers have lower expectations. These same younger engineers also value and look for detailed how-to videos as relevant content sources more than their older colleagues.

3. Your Marketing-to-Sales Handoff Matters

The study showed that engineers prefer to search online and read available content before talking to sales, and that most engineers have three or four online interactions with a vendor before ever communicating with them directly. Marketing teams who are passing all leads to sales need to think again, as a sales call could turn off a new prospect.

FREE REPORT: Full Data Available Now

The complete research report details critical findings and conclusions, along with complete data from global regions and age groups.

Both IEEE and TREW Marketing regularly produce content and research to help inform the market and develop industry best practices. The most recent full research report with final survey data is available at https://www.trewmarketing.com/2017-smfe-research-report.

In addition, TREW Marketing co-founder Rebecca Geier’s recent book, Smart Marketing for Engineers helps companies around the world effectively market to technical audiences using a modern, inbound marketing approach.

Learn more about IEEE GlobalSpec and its suite of media solutions for industrial marketers at http://www.globalspec.com/advertising.

Learn more about TREW Marketing, a full-service marketing firm uniquely serving technical B2B companies at http://www.trewmarketing.com.

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