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Case Study: Company Rebrand 

LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP) works with engineering leaders developing increasingly complex embedded electronic control systems amidst escalating demands of industry standards, regulations, and the pressure to harness the powerful opportunities of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

For the last two decades, LHP has evolved from primarily staffing client engineering teams to leading the industry in model-based design applications. Today, LHP engineers create embedded electronic control solutions for the country’s emerging and most influential automotive leaders as they approach aggressive growth or sustain high-volume operations.

LHP had evolved with customers over decades – but the company’s brand and message hadn’t changed.

As LHP’s solutions grained awareness in the industry, company leaders knew it was imperative to invest in the LHP brand. They knew this would help ensure its hundreds of employees across multiple business divisions were aligned, and the company could give an accurate, unified, and compelling message about the company to customers and prospects.

The TREW and LHP teams worked collaboratively to establish and define the corporate brand, capturing the company’s expertise and its unique ability to drive the industry forward with embedded control technology. Once the foundational messaging elements were in place, the teams turned this new brand position and messaging into an entirely new website.

Part 1: Guiding LHP Through Brand Messaging

LHP identified four company leaders to create an internal branding committee. These company leaders participated in brand discussions and reviews throughout the project and became internal advocates for the new positioning and messaging.

TREW and LHP started with the company’s existing message and evaluated how the business had evolved over time. LHP had implemented technology that massively impacted engine development for major auto manufacturers. They had helped engineering organizations see challenges on the horizon and applied system and process changes that allowed the business to thrive with opportunity rather than drown in unexpected trials. They had brought companies from suffering when they hired copious amounts of engineers to solve a technical challenge only to later have a mismatch of talent to needs – to producing sustainable results with appropriate allocation of the right systems and the right experts.

To capture these achievements and vision in their new position and messaging, the TREW brand team honed the company’s voice and tone, created a step-by-step positioning statement, company pitches, and a tagline and developed a messaging brief describing LHP Engineering Solutions to its key stakeholders.

Targeted Messaging

With the corporate brand position and messaging well underway, TREW created targeted pitches that would describe each business segment in light of the new corporate messaging.

Part 2: Streamlining Follow-on Content with Defined Brand Messaging

This brand messaging became a reference guide for all future content and collateral. For example, through the website redesign, TREW created a new “About Us” page featuring the company’s story in a narrative format. The “About Us” page and all other web content carried the LHP Engineering Solutions messaging – tone, voice, and differentiators – throughout the content.

Positioning Statement Becomes “About Us” Narrative


Targeted Messaging and Use in Website Content


Slide Deck

As a part of the messaging plan, the TREW team created a slide deck including 20 slides with a complete presentation script. With the final corporate slide deck, LHP leaders could ensure that the company’s executive, engineering, sales, and marketing teams give clear, consistent messages about the company in every presentation. The slide deck has a fluid script derived from the defined messaging. The deck has a natural flow from slide to slide, and it also doubles as a repository of slides. The script for each slide is attached to the slide itself and as a result, a presenter may rearrange slides or present a few at a time – all the while having a complete, well-messaged script to accompany the deck.


News Release

The TREW team also worked with LHP to create and wire a news release announcing the company’s rebranding. The release drew awareness to the company’s new name and explained the LHP’s focus areas and technology expertise, all carried out in the tone and voice defined by the corporate messaging project. 



By working with TREW to create cohesive brand messaging with a distinct tone and voice, LHP has a new defined brand position and messaging with an authentic tone and voice that reflects its culture and values. The messaging project brought LHP leadership together to align on the company’s focus areas and differentiators. With TREW’s help, LHP used this messaging as a springboard and framework for the complete website overhaul. The new site hierarchy reflected the differentiators defined in the messaging, and new content carried the defined message onto dozens of pages on the web.


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