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5 Marketing Activities for Trade Show Success

Face-to-face marketing such as trade shows and seminars are a powerful way to personify your brand, capture leads, and grow customer excitement and loyalty. But trade shows can be quite expensive, so it's critical you have a clear strategy and well-defined objectives to measure your return on investment.

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Before anything else, set your trade show objectives prior to creating marketing activities. Example objectives to discuss with your team are:

  • Number, profile of leads
  • Speaking engagements
  • Press meetings
  • Key prospect/customer meetings
  • Competitive analysis
  • Partner co-marketing

Five Event Marketing Activities

1. Create one page flyers detailing your product features, key applications, and benefits. 
WTI HIL Flyer 2018 Final_Page_1
Here's a brochure that TREW designed Wineman Technology Inc. to take to a trade show.  
2. Create presentation slides to succinctly introduce your product to customers, partners, and press. Start with your core slide deck, and customize it for the specific audience attending the trade show.

Here are some examples of presentation slides that TREW has designed for clients:
To see more examples of presentation slide decks, visit our portfolio page here.
3. Develop compelling customer testimonials for use in booth, online, and in partner sales and marketing meetings.
customer testimonial
Here's a few examples of customer testimonials. 
4. Use a well-timed PR launch to spread your message. To see a recent example of a hugely successful launch for TREW client, Wineman Technology, that received coverage in print, in video, in the conference keynote, and across the web, click here.
PR launch
Here's an example of a PR launch that Wineman Technology Inc. did to promote a product release. 
5. Follow up with leads after the event, as soon as possible after their interaction with you while your company, product or service is still fresh in their minds. The more timely they hear from you following an action they took with your company (visiting a booth, downloading a white paper or watching a video on your website, etc), the better chance they will further engage, and thus move closer to a sale.
trades show follow up email
Here's an example of a trade show follow up email from G Systems, a TREW client. 
For more helpful tips on how to make every dollar of your marketing investment count, download our free Ebook:
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