Starmount Selects TREW for Messaging Brain, Marketing Planning

“Our partnership with TREW Marketing resulted in clear, consistent company, product-level positioning and messaging with a well-organized strategic marketing plan. Their smart, collaborative approach, flexibility with our evolving team and strategy, and a commitment to truly understand our business model enabled them to define and deliver our unique value proposition in a highly competitive market.” – Jon Pafk, Sr. Director of Marketing


Founded in 2006, Starmount delivers software solutions that transform the retail environment to a more connected and engaging store experience. Their mobile selling, interactive kiosk, and digital signage software brings the richness of the web and the power of mobile into the store, where retailers can create more personalized, relevant, and dynamic interactions while shoppers can learn, discover, and buy anywhere in the store. Starmount’s customers include leading retailers such as Pep Boys, Urban Outfitters, and Home Depot.

Starmount selected TREW Marketing to develop the company and product-level positioning and messaging “brain”, followed by a 12-month integrated campaign-based marketing plan to establish awareness and preference of Starmount and its products and services.


  • Developed core elements of the “brain”, including:
    • A clearly defined mission and vision statement
    • Company positioning and quick pitch
    • Distinctive and intriguing tagline concepts
    • Product- and services-level positioning and messaging
  • Custom, integrated, campaign-based 12-month marketing strategy and activity plan, including:
    • Prioritized trade shows, recommendations to extend “event shelf life” with pre/post-show promotion
    • Content development plan to generate qualified leads through compelling, targeted content
    • Direct marketing centered on launch of a quarterly e-newsletter
    • A multi-tiered PR approach to maximize resources and target top-tier relationships
    • Search engine marketing analysis and recommendations across multiple campaigns, including natural search and pay-per-click reporting metrics
    • Recommendations for co-marketing with Oracle Retail to increase leads and become an aligned partner on events and news opportunities


      • Communications Brain used as messaging guide for primary company and product communication
      • Consistency and efficiency gains by using Brain vs. reinventing messaging with each new activity
      • Scalable and integrated mix of low- and high-cost media investments to generate demand
      • Creation of the company mission and vision statements:

Mission: ”Starmount solutions bring the richness of the web and the power of mobile to create relevant, engaging store experiences.”

Vision: “To transform the in-store shopping experience to make stores relevant and more connected than ever before.”

Taglines: “We make shopping sense.” “Don’t just serve your customers. Engage them.”; “Create relevant shopping experiences. Anytime. Anywhere.”; “Software that makes shopping local, mobile, and shared.”

Here are examples of the Starmount “brain” brought to life:


Starmount Engage


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