Our Own Dell Children’s Medical Center is World’s First Platinum Hospital

Big news today from TREW Marketing client, the Children’s Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas.  The Dell Children’s Medical Center has become the first hospital IN THE WORLD to receive the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Designation.  

Its environmentally-sensitive design not only conserves water and electricity, but positively impacts the hospital’s clinical environment by improving air quality, making natural sunlight more readily available, and reducing a wide range of pollutants.

…and the place is not only green and good-lookin’, but it has amazing, thoughtful exhibits that engage the little patients it serves.  We highly recommend visiting and taking a tour to see the facility first-hand.

Click here for more about this news, and here for more about the LEED designation.

Congratulations to the Dell Children’s Medical Center, the Foundation, and to Central Texans for their support in making this possible through generous donations.  Today is a proud day for the Central Texas community.

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