Executing Smart, Creative Work That Delivers Results

With TREW Marketing’s full-service approach over these past years, we have a number of examples of our work, results and client testimonials.

Client projects include websites, from full-on, comprehensive site redesigns to smaller, targeted microsites. We develop content across all media from print and web to flash and video. We spend a great deal of time helping customers with their messaging and positioning, at a company level and/or for key products and services (we call this our “brain work”) to short, hard-hitting ad, email and call-to-action headlines. We also have a strong focus in search marketing, both with pay-per-click as well as SEO (aka, natural search).

And clients are sharing their comments on the results and experiences with TREW:

And we are proud to not only execute on projects, but deliver results. Here are some highlights from those we work with in test and measurement:

Here are some examples of our work that are driving results:
1. Website design and development – there is no more important marketing investment that your company website…it’s the nucleus!

Hot off the press - bustec.com website redesign, messaging, content development done by TREW Marketing.

Back-to-school microsite targeting controls professors in N. America.

Interior page of microsite where professors could find labs, curriculum based on engineering discipline.

2. Search engine marketing – driving 800% growth in clicks to drive traffic

3. Marketing strategy – helping companies evolve their marketing from activity-based “putting out fires” to strategic planning…you can actually make your marketing dollars go much furhter this way, you know!

Example of marketing strategy work TREW does with clients.

4. “Brain” messaging and positioning – finding the most succinct, differentiated word-set to tell your company, products and services story

(view the full flash video here)

Product-level positioning for interactive kiosk software.

Company-level positioning for TREW client Starmount Systems.

Company identity, including logo and mark, as well as mission statement and tagline created for TREW client Alfamation.

5. Flash designvideo to illustrate important product feature of interchangeability between VXI and LXI

Visit bustec.com/products to watch the flash interchangeability video.

6. Content development – content is king, for keeping your site fresh, providing means to gather leads, and building credibility with technical audiences

Examples of product flyers for various TREW clients in bioprocess, high-speed vibration and video test applications.

You can view more project examples and details results in a short slide presentation or visit our website to read our case studies.

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