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3 Steps to Calculate Your Leads-to-Revenue Ratio

Do you want to know how many web visits and leads you need to meet your revenue goals? Follow these three steps to create the math model for your marketing and sales funnel.

At TREW, we understand enginetrewblog_leadgen_arrowsers want to know what output comes from certain inputs. Up to now, for traditional marketing, that’s been difficult. But with the transformation of marketing to the digital world, we now have much more insight into the inputs along the funnel such as website visitors, the rate at which those visitors convert to leads, and how leads become sales opportunities.

So let’s go through the formula. I’ll use hypothetical numbers to illustrate how it works.

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2011-A Year of Building Trust and Driving Results

We have a motto at TREW Marketing: “Trust Drives Results.” TREW started with humble beginnings at one of the worst possible economic times – early 2008, just before the Great Recession began in earnest. Despite this, we’ve achieved a new milestone that less than half of all small businesses ever reach – the 4-year mark. It’s been a year of building trust and driving results for our growing clients, and here are a few highlights:

  • The Wall Street Journal selected TREW as one of ten most innovative small businesses in America
  • We self-published a new e-book, Smart Marketing for Engineers, and our promotional campaign won the Gold MarCom Award
  • TREW revenue is on track to grow 34% YOY in 2011
  • 179% more visitors came to trewmarketing.com and spent more time once there
  • Our Twitter followers have grown by 4x in just the last 5 months of 2011

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But books and awards can only carry a company so far. What really counts is driving results for our customers. Here are some highlights from their marketing successes in 2011:

Branding and positioning success

TREW developed client DISTek’s branding “brain”, including clear visual branding online and offline, and differentiated messaging that distinctly positions the company in the off-highway engineering markets.

TREW also created a “brain” for new client, Adaxa USA including a positioning statement, long pitch, tagline “Guiding You Through ERP” and company-level messaging such as, “Adaxa develops powerful ERP solutions for mid-size companies that need to order, shelve, assemble and ship their products efficiently.”

New website launches

TREW created new websites – including design, development and CMS – for clients DISTek and Bloomy Controls.

Growth in website traffic

Through ongoing integrated marketing management and execution, TREW client WTI had continued website traffic growth throughout 2011.

Optimized search advertising

Results from various paid search programs we managed for clients in 2011, including lowering costs while driving up clickthroughs and time on site

Awareness through targeted PR outreach

From news release development to major product launches to ongoing media relations outreach, TREW helped many clients drive results with their PR investments.

With this success, we continue to build trust with our customers. With this trust, we are honored to be working with many of the same customers as well as nearly ten new ones in 2011:

We believe this success is due to three key advantages TREW uniquely brings to our clients:

1. We know engineers and scientists.

We are focused. As one of the only marketing agencies in the world whose sole focus is working with B2B companies and organizations targeting engineering and scientific markets, we know the unique challenges of marketing to technical audiences:

  • Engineers and scientists are skeptical of marketing.
  • They need a wealth of technical information that is easy to find and read.
  • They want to know a solution is proven – that they can trust your expertise and specs.

2. We plan broadly and then go deep.

The key to smart marketing is to start with a plan tied to business goals and with defined measurable objectives.  As a full-service marketing agency, we have a broad understanding of all aspects of marketing and how to integrate across media for the greatest impact. Once a plan is in place, we then go deep into each media to create thorough programs that leverage each other.

3. We believe Trust Drives Results.

We at TREW Marketing firmly believe that trust – with each other as employees, with our clients, and ultimately with our clients’ audiences – is the key factor for producing consistent marketing success.  That trust also drives loyalty, such that nearly 100% of our science and engineering customers who came on board in 2008 are still with us today.

With our proven record of thriving partnerships, more and more companies are coming to us for our unique expertise marketing to technical audiences. We look forward to delivering continued smart marketing and outstanding results to our customers in 2012, and wish all of you a joyful holiday season! To learn more about why engineering and scientific customers consistently choose TREW Marketing, see our video TREW Stories: