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Central Texas Nonprofits Launch We Are One Campaign

We are proud to announce the launch of the We Are One campaign, the first pro bono project for TREW Marketing since its founding in 2008. With this campaign, Central Texas nonprofits came together to increase involvement and drive stronger support for Central Texas organizations and their many missions. The We Are One initiative took a great deal of collaboration among twelve of Austin’s largest nonprofits, and they speak as one voice in addressing important needs across the region, especially as the economy continues to decline.

Through web, video and online social media outreach – including Facebook and Twitter as well as with a new We Are One webpage – the grassroots effort calls on all citizens to share how they are one with Central Texas.

In recent months, requests for services among many Central Texas organizations have increased while funding has dropped. Therefore, We Are One is more than just an awareness campaign. It is a call-to-action that is simple and straightforward, inviting all Central Texans to volunteer time or provide financial support. By working together as one, all who are in need can reach their full potential and succeed.

From a marketing perspective, as with any project, we began by defining the goals for the campaign. Since the main deliverables of the campaign were two videos and the objective was grassroots awareness, social media was an obvious marketing channel to use.

The main elements of the online and social media campaign were:

•    A primary campaign landing page at www.weareonecentraltexas.com where visitors can watch videos, learn more about the twelve organizations and how they are one together, and find ways to get involved

•    A Facebook fan page where visitors can join the cause and share stories, photos, and videos of how they are one with Central Texas.

•    A Twitter hashtag #wer1 where all can listen to and take part in the conversation

•   A social media release, where media, bloggers, and other interested parties can get the facts; all types of content, including video, photos, social media links, and the full press release; and contact information for media as well as for each nonprofit

Thanks to these twelve nonprofits, who led the We Are One campaign:

Please join us at TREW Marketing in congratulating these leading nonprofit organizations for serving as such a wonderful example of the power of collaboration. We were thrilled to be part of it, and hope more people in Central Texas will be inspired to join in being one with their community so all can succeed.

To learn more about the We Are One launch, and how you can get involved, please visit We Are One.