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Website Analytics: Understanding the relationship between traffic and behavior

Posted March 10, 2015

B2B marketers struggle to prove the direct ROI of marketing activities, especially in the new age of digital marketing, including content and inbound marketing. Setting goals and measuring marketing practices is the key to proving the ROI. The latter piece is still a struggle among B2B marketers in the technical space due to the daunting task of translating website analytics from sources like Google Analytics and HubSpot. Most end up simply basing the success of their website on a standalone measurement, which can be misleading.

In order to accurately and effectively translate website analytics, it is important to understand what the measurements are, how to read each measurement, and how measurements support and affect one another.

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Boost Sales Email Performance with Research Data and Marketing Support

March 3, 2015

When it comes to following up on qualified leads, most companies begin with custom direct emails sent from a salesperson, with the goal of securing a first meeting. This critical communication step, often combined with phone call outreach, either ushers the contact further down the path to purchase, or casts them back up the funnel to marketing for more nurturing.

Using the latest research on sales email performance, data gleaned from your own marketing automation or CRM tool, and support from marketing, you have the opportunity to greatly improve your pipeline conversion rate and blow away your sales quota.

Here are a few tips for boosting sales email performance:

  1. Three times is a charm

While response rates for the first email are the highest, research shows that there are decent returns on emails #2 and #3, making it worth the extra effort. Test out different approaches in subsequent emails, such as a new subject line or offer, and try sending your email at a different day/time.

How marketing can help: share data on company marketing email performance and recommend improvements in sales email execution.

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Thurs. Trends: Are Your Customers a Mystery? Study Shows You’re Not Alone

It’s likely you know what type of customers are most valuable to your business, and that you have a solid understanding of their purchasing history and patterns. However, you may lack confidence in your knowledge of additional valuable information, such as these customers’ demographics, their path to purchase, product preferences, and how they go about getting their information.

If this is a struggle for you or your marketing team, you’re not alone. A recent study by Regalix shows that less than half of B2B marketers surveyed feel they have a strong knowledge of their customers’ demographic makeup, product/service preferences, wants/needs/likes/interests, journey to purchase, and channel preferences.

chart from study showing B2B marketers confidence in their knowledge of their target audience

Source: State of B2B Customer Experience, 2104, Regalix

This gap in knowledge can directly hamper your marketing efforts, as these data points directly inform your marketing plans, including what content you publish, what key messages (such as pain points, benefits, etc.) you lead with for each audience, and what channels you prioritize to reach specific segments.

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Thurs. Trends: B2B Content Marketing Leads to a Successful Marketing Strategy

As B2B marketers, we have begun to see the positive effects of incorporating B2B content marketing into our marketing efforts. Although we have started to see the positive impact that B2B content marketing can have in our marketing strategy, we are still struggling to obtain concrete ROI results.

Results from a study found in Interactive Advertising Bureau, 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing within their marketing strategy.  (Source: 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends-North America: Content Marketing Institue/MarketingProfs)

2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends—North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends—North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

The majority of B2B marketers have confirmed that they utilize content marketing within their marketing strategy, even if they’re not seeing the explicit overall effectiveness of their content marketing.

Proving the Effectiveness of B2B Content Marketing Through Documentation

According to the Content Marketing Institute eBook, The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to AnswerB2B marketers who document their content marketing are far more likely to consider their content marketing efforts as being effective. Due to the documentation process, these B2B marketers also consider their content marketing to be less challenging.

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Thurs Trends: B2B Inbound Marketing Hacks for 2015 You Should Start Now

As the end of the year sneaks up on us, marketers are beginning to think of their 2015 marketing plans and budgets – or at least, they should be. Here are a few important strategies to have in place before 2015 planning even begins:

Figure out your marketing-sales alignment, and test it now.
One of the biggest challenges every marketer faces is agreeing with their sales team on what success looks like. According to The State of Inbound in 2014, by HubSpot, “more than 25% of respondents reported that their organizations’ sales teams practice inbound.” And with technology following suit – its important that sales and marketing teams have a service-level-agreement (SLA) in place and set realistic goals.

Read the “4 Steps to Tear Down the Wall between Marketing and Sales” by TREW Marketing

An SLA between marketing and sales teams is a ‘hand-shake’ between the two teams, and includes measurable strategies for both parties, achievable goals, and realistic timelines for those goals. Putting together an SLA now, and measuring the success of both teams, gives you knowledge you’ll need to tweak your SLA for 2015.

Caption: According to HubSpot, “Inbound budgets positively correlate to the presence of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales.”

Caption: According to HubSpot, “Inbound budgets positively correlate to the presence of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales.”

Marry your B2B inbound and outbound strategies – and TEST THEM NOW!
B2B marketers have slowly let go of some outbound tactics to make room for inbound ones, yet some outbound tactics are here to stay – at least for the next few years.

For example, B2B marketers still find tradeshows to be a good source of leads, when executed properly. No longer can you simply scan 300 badges of your booth visitors and expect all 300 to answer the phone and sign up for a product demo and quote. You have to utilize the outbound interaction in outbound tactics to improve upon your inbound ones.

Outbound tactics, such as PR and tradeshows, can be complemented with inbound techniques such as social media, email automation, and good content and SEO on your blog and website. And either can come first. For example, sometimes a press release is the first thing people see; so don’t forget SEO best practices for finding later. Add content to your site to compliment the press release so when they get to your site, they have something else to read – and convert on. Incorporating inbound techniques with your outbound tactics are essential in completing the full circle of modern marketing.

Decide on your preferred marketing technology… and train on it!
In a study by Ascend2 featured in MarketingProfs, 45% of marketers agree that the lack of an effective marketing strategy hinders the success of marketing automation, and 40% agree that the lack of skilled end users is another challenge in marketing automation success. Marketing automation makes inbound marketing efficient and effective, but most importantly, provides marketers with the metrics needed to improve upon the ongoing strategy.

Read TREW’s post “Thurs. Trends: Marketing Automation Trends among B2B Marketers

Caption: Ascend2 Marketing Automation Survey, “What are the MOST CHALLENGING OBSTACLES to marketing automation success?”

Caption: Ascend2 Marketing Automation Survey, “What are the MOST CHALLENGING OBSTACLES to marketing automation success?”

According to MarketingProfs, the two most important factors in choosing a marketing automation platform is analytics/reporting and ease of use. Which means you not only need to strategize the use of the tool, but you need to train your team how to use it! Take the time to make sure both marketing and sales users understand the full scope of what the tool can do, as well as what your company uses it for.

Caption: Ascend2 Marketing Automation Survey, "What are the MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS in choosing a marketing automation system?"

Caption: Ascend2 Marketing Automation Survey, “What are the MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS in choosing a marketing automation system?”

In conclusion
Planning your B2B marketing strategy for 2015 shouldn’t put a hold on Q4 of 2014. Use this time to test and train on the new marketing strategy you are implementing in January – and stay ahead of the trends.

Redesigning your website for 2015?
Download TREW’s eBook, Smart Marketing for Engineers: Website Redesign”

Interested in a Marketing Plan for 2015? See the bundles offered by TREW Marketing.

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5 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

Did you know that only 35% of product launches are successful after launch? Generating brand awareness, justifying the budget, and establishing credibility are only a fraction of the challenges you will face during product launch. Understanding these challenges helps increase your chances for success.

Read on for five tips to help increase the odds of a successful product launch.

In a hurry? Download our free eBook, Smart Marketing for Engineers: Product Launches.

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1. Prepare: Building your world-changing product was just the beginning. Knowing your target audience and its care-abouts is extremely important. If your answer to the question, “Who are you targeting?” is, “Everyone,” you’re facing an uphill battle. An effective way to help narrow down your audience and plan marketing activities accordingly is by creating and using buyer personas.

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How Many Leads Do You Need? Calculate Leads-to-Revenue in 3 Minutes

You know exactly how much revenue you need to make. But how does that number relate to web visits, leads, and all those other metrics your marketing team is spouting off? 

The answer: Web visits and leads can be mathematically traced to revenue, and, thanks to digital marketing standardization, this calculation takes only minutes. In fact, we made a whiteboard video here that steps you through it in just 3 minutes.

At TREW, we understand engineers want to know what output comes from certain inputs. Up to now, for marketing, that has been difficult. But with the transformation of marketing to the digital world, and the introduction of marketing automation, we now have much more insight into the inputs along the “funnel” – the term we use to describe a potential customer’s travel from an anonymous website visitor, to a more-qualified lead, and finally on to a purchaser.

Displaying Funnel Image 2.jpg

For example, by using metrics such as your revenue goal, average purchasing amount per customer, and lead conversion rate, you can quickly establish exactly how many leads you need to attain, and then craft your marketing strategy accordingly. If your goal is to generate more revenue, but you don’t know how many web visits, leads or qualified leads you need to achieve your revenue goal, this video is for you.

Rebecca Geier, CEO of TREW Marketing and one of the Wall Street Journal’s Ten Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America, walks through the step-by-step process of how you can do this for your company. In the tutorial, Geier shows what it takes to achieve a sales revenue goal by breaking down the formula, starting with your sales revenue goal at the bottom of the funnel, and concluding with what your monthly web visits at the top. By doing this, Geier shows how to take a methodical approach to define how marketing efforts translate into real sales numbers. Watch the video now.

To learn more about marketing to technical audiences, download our free eBook, “Smart Marketing for Engineers: Lead Generation.” This leads-to-revenue methodology is specifically discussed on pages 56-57.

To read our lead generation case studies, visit our Featured Work page.

If you are ready to kickoff a new lead generation campaign, but aren’t sure how to start, e-mail us at info@trewmarketing. We’ll be happy to share ideas or partner with you to define the plan, objectives and process as well as help you execute and measure outcomes.

Marketing Planning: Essential to Your Business Success

Insights from TREW Marketing Account Director Lee Chapman

Look back, move forward is my Q4 mantra. October is the ideal time to look back at your 2013 marketing results and start planning to move forward for 2014. Start by considering what has gone well in your 2013 marketing plan and what could be improved. Are you pleased with the progress of your business to date? Have results of your marketing activities and dollars spent met your expectations?

Set Marketing Goals

Marketing planning is crucial to the success of your business. By taking the time to evaluate past results, you can determine what needs to be done to produce effective outcomes and move purposefully forward to achieve your business goals in 2014.


What are the benefits of marketing planning to your bottom line?

A marketing plan is both practical and powerful: it’s a blueprint to effectively facilitate activities focused on making you visible in search, driving visitors to your site and converting them to leads and customers. Research shows that a marketing plan powerfully impacts our capacity to achieve our business goals.


Marketing and Sales


How do you know where to start with Marketing Planning? 

First of all, think about your business goals. Identify what you offer, who benefits from your offerings, the specific problems you solve, and what it is that differentiates you from your competitors. Are your products/services reliable and do they effectively provide a solution? Are you reaching your target audiences? Do you communicate a compelling value proposition?


Content Marketing is Essential

Arnie Kuenn, President – Vertical Measures


Which marketing activities can help you achieve your goals? 

Develop a marketing strategy to draw visitors to your website and connect them with your solution. For example, create and share high-quality industry content or utilize marketing automation software such as HubSpot, a powerful all-in-one tool for creating customized and streamlined experiences for your clients, prospects, and leads. The best game plan is one that coordinates activities so that your marketing efforts are tied to specific goals within specific timeframes.


What if my marketing plan needs to be changed?

Your 12-Month Marketing Activity Plan is an agile document and should be designed with flexibility in mind, customized to your business goals and needs. Plan for the future and measure progress along the way: new opportunities, market changes and developments, and results of marketing activities continuously lead to modifications. Consider how potential customers find information and strategically make sure your content is found there.


Content Marketing is Essential

Arnie Kuenn, President – Vertical Measures


How do you measure results of your marketing activities?

With your dynamic marketing plan in hand, you’re ready to divide activities into quarterly projects that fit your budget. This should include collecting and measuring pre-determined metrics, tied directly to your set goals, to evaluate on a regular basis. This clarifies your objectives and reveals the modifications necessary to strengthen your plan. Envision where you see your business at specific milestones.


What is top-priority for anyone just starting with marketing planning?

Your top-priorities are to create awareness of your product/service, engage with your leads, and focus on converting those leads to customers. When you plan well, your customers feel confident in your business, you effectively meet your business goals, and you save precious time and money down the line.


Key Marketing Activities

Tie activities directly to marketing goals: from generating awareness at the top to supporting sales efforts and strengthening loyalty at the bottom


TREW Marketing is ready to help you get started

Remember, look back, move forward!  Need help getting started? TREW’s collaborative marketing planning process leads to the smart, collaborative, efficient, and cost-effective ways to achieve your marketing and business goals. Learn more about our proven marketing methods by downloading our free ebook, Smart Marketing for Engineers, or contact us today to learn about our marketing planning service.

Global Defense Publication Features TREW Client Marvin Test Solutions

Jane's Defence Weekly

Last week, TREW client Marvin Test Solutions was featured in one of the world’s most-read defense news outlets, Jane’s Defence Weekly for its leadership role in closing the armament test gap on 4th generation aircraft, including the A-10, F-15, F-16 and F-18.

MTSFor 25 years, Marvin Test Solutions has provided military- and commercial-off-the-shelf test solutions that are military-ready, offer aerospace-quality performance, and lower the overall cost of maintenance and sustainment.

DSEI 2013-Marvin looks to close 'armament test gap'

In the news article, which was a top story on the home page of Jane’s Defence Weekly, the editor discusses the critical armament test gap. The armament test gap is a challenge caused by today’s 4th generation aircraft – which, though loaded with new smart weapons and bearing little resemblance to original systems, are still required to be tested with the same or similar armament circuits preload test set (ACPTS) used for earlier aircraft.

According to the article: “Marvin’s solution to the issue, the MTS-3060 SmartCan universal organisational-level (O-Level) aircraft armament test set, bridges that gap by effectively simulating whatever smart weapons (such as Joint Direct Attack Munitions, Small Diameter Bombs I and II, and Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles) are being loaded. Furthermore, the SmartCan is also ‘F-35 ready’ and can thus replace the legacy ACPTSs while also accommodating the fifth-generation requirements of the JSF.”

This news comes as a result of strategic PR efforts led by TREW Marketing for Marvin Test Solutions. Press outreach included a press tour throughout the U.S. and Europe, including at DSEI in London, where Marvin Test Solutions CEO and Major General USAF (Ret.), Steve Sargeant was interviewed by Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Sargeant told IHS Jane’s at DSEI about SmartCan and its ability to revolutionize the way new aircraft and smart weapons are tested amidst today’s strained budgets: “The Joint Program Office has asked us to go see the services and the [F-35] partner nations and to generate the understanding of the system and to generate a groundswell of demand because it’s no secret that all programmes are under stress today for funding.”

Marvin Test Solutions’ press tour will continue in Asia in the fall at the Korean Air Show. The press tour and media activity follows an ongoing, comprehensive rebranding campaign where Marvin Test Solutions looks to strengthen its focus on test solutions and association to The Marvin Group, known for its 50-year history in aerospace.

A big congratulations from the TREW Crew to General Sargeant and the Marvin Test Solutions team for a very collaborative and successful press outreach and tour thus far.


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Global Aerospace Test Solutions Provider Selects TREW Marketing for Rebranding Campaign

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Global Aerospace Test Solutions Provider Selects TREW Marketing for Rebranding Campaign

 Marvin Test Solutions Chooses TREW for its Industry Knowledge, Strategic Marketing Expertise

Marvin Test SolutionsAUSTIN, Texas – July 16, 2013 – Marvin Test Solutions, a global provider of aerospace and manufacturing test solutions, announced today its selection of Austin-based TREW Marketing to lead the development and execution of a rebranding campaign that will position the company for the next 25 years. The New Name, Same Aim campaign centers on Marvin Test Solutions’ long history in the aerospace and manufacturing test markets. The company chose TREW because of the agency’s decades of experience and knowledge in the test, automation, and broader engineering and sciences markets, as well as its strategic, integrated approach to marketing – from brand positioning and web design to print and online advertising.

“TREW’s experience working with engineers and the agency’s results-driven approach to marketing make them a strong marketing partner for us,” said Steve Sargeant, CEO of Marvin Test Solutions. “Working with TREW for just a short time, we’ve already made important steps in refining our company’s position and communicating our future focus to our customers and key markets. We are well-positioned going into the second half of 2013.”

Marvin Test Solutions is a business unit of The Marvin Group, an award-winning group with a 50-year history in the defense and commercial aerospace industries. Celebrating its 25-year anniversary, the company provides long-term solutions and support that meet the precise challenges of aerospace and manufacturing test applications. Its proven success includes systems deployed in support of major platforms in use around the world, including flightline, intermediate-level, depot-level, and production acceptance testers for F-16, F-15, TA and FA-50, AH-64, Boeing 737 and 787, and commercial space systems.

As TREW Marketing works with Marvin Test Solutions to build a marketing foundation that will serve the company for decades to come, services and projects will include:

“Working in the mission-critical arena of aerospace test requires that Marvin Test Solutions’ marketing strategy is specific and unique, speaking directly to the needs of military and commercial aerospace providers,” said Rebecca Geier, Principal and Co-Founder of TREW Marketing. “With our focus of serving engineers and our full-service marketing approach, we can help Marvin Test Solutions grow its awareness and success as it positions itself in the aerospace and manufacturing test markets for the next 25 years.”

Marvin Test Solutions expects to roll out its New Name, Same Aim campaign throughout 2013.

About Marvin Test Solutions

Marvin Test Solutions, a vertically integrated aerospace test and measurement company, has delivered innovative, feature-rich test solutions for factory, flightline, intermediate-level, and depot-level applications since 1988. As a business unit of the Marvin Group, an award-winning aerospace group with a 50-year history in the defense and commercial aerospace industries, Marvin Test Solutions has test systems deployed in support of most of the major defense aircraft and munitions in use around the world. Marvin Test Solutions quickly delivers full-spectrum, successful test solutions – making test, maintenance, and sustainment of the most mission-critical systems easier and faster.

About TREW Marketing

TREW Marketing, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a full-service B2B marketing firm uniquely serving leading engineering and scientific companies that target technical markets. TREW uses decades of specialized experience to create custom marketing programs that help customers efficiently and effectively achieve their business and sales. TREW takes an integrated approach using a wide array of marketing services, including market research, brand identity, positioning and messaging, product launch planning, website strategy and design, search marketing and public relations.

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