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And The Not-Winner is – Survey Results for Marketing to Engineers

Last week, we held a poll to see what others believe are the most important ways to market to engineers from TREW’s top five list, including:

1. Search Engine Marketing (natural and paid)

2. Webcasts

3. Timely, accurate technical content

4. Strong visual content

5. Customer testimonials and case studies

And the votes are in and interesting. The winners – Technical content and case studies. The “not-winner” – strong visual content.

First, to the winners. Technical content and case studies were the clear winners in readers’ preferences. We were happy to see this as we know from years of marketing to technical audiences that, at the end of the day, engineers and scientists want to scrutinize performance charts, compare specs, study white papers that detail new technologies or trends that can help them meet the demands of their designs, and continually read how others are solving similar problems.

For the “not-winner” – visual content – it was a lonely poll performer with no votes coming in. However, I am not calling it the loser and here’s why. This sad voter turnout for photos and video says to me that, in list of priority, you must first have strong technical content and a variety of means for people to learn, such as webcasts. This is the “meat on the bone”  if you will.  If you don’t have this, then compelling videos and informative product shots will not be enough to convince an engineer to research your product or service more.

With that said, I believe if all you have is tables of specs and long, dry white papers without interesting images, screen shots, photos, and video, you’re missing a big opportunity to educate people in multiple formats and increase your chance of capturing their interest.

In the middle ranked webinars and search engine marketing. This is reinforced by the techinsights team (they manage EE Times and Embedded Systems Design among others) who said when we met with them this week that webinars are one of the most effective means their customers are finding to generate quality leads and get a return on marketing dollars. This was in addition to targeted live events, such as ECS Boston, which is coming up in September and has a strong medical focus.

Thanks to all those who voted and shared your opinions. To read our thoughts on marketing, view and download our trew-marketing-best-practices-white-paper