Blogging: How to Create Quality Content that Reaches Your Target Audience

The five-word phrase has come up in marketing discussions in every company across America: “We should start a blog.”

Marketers smile. A new vehicle to reach our audience. Sounds great.

PR professionals cheer. A low-cost way to specifically explain our business! Let’s do it!

Executives and engineers cringe. Waste precious time on blog posts, only to get lost in the information overload that is the Internet? No, thank you.

The last thing that TREW Marketing will advocate for is wasted time, but, one of the first things that TREW Marketing will advocate for is a clearly communicated message to your target audience.

Creating Quality Content

Blogging allows for a streamlined platform where companies can talk to a targeted audience about industry challenges and trends in order to advocate for their company and products.

For example, we can use content that we have put together over time on the TREW Spotlight blog to show you best practices in print advertising, email marketing, style guides, pay-per-click advertising, and public relations. This content doesn’t talk directly about TREW products and services; instead, our blog provides best practices and talks about industry challenges, solutions and trends. A blog shouldn’t be a sales pitch, it should be a way to show your customers and prospective customers that you know what you’re talking about, that you understand the challenges and solutions of the industry, and that you provide measureable results.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Your blog should be hosted on your site as a culmination of your company’s content. The blog is a hub where other online outreach vehicles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) point, so that when someone engages with your tweet or Facebook update, they are directed to your blog, where they can find more information than what can be expressed in 140 characters, and can interact with the rest of your site, including your products, case studies, whitepapers, etc.

The TREW Spotlight blog.

A lesser-known fact about blogs is that you can use your blog to get your content directly to your audience through their email, like a basic e-Newsletter with a simple format, using a service like Feedburner. Feedburner is a free service that provides email subscriptions to your readers. Simply create a Feedburner account, and then follow the instructions to setup a “subscribe to posts via email” widget for your blog.

The Feedburner widget.

Readers who subscribe will now receive each new blog post that you publish via email, allowing them to engage with your company via their inbox, and giving them the opportunity with each new post/email to click through to your site. If you’re interested in Feedburner, you can read more about how to use the service.

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