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New Data: How Engineers Search Google

In March 2014, TREW Marketing teamed up with CFE Media – publisher of Control Engineering and Plant Engineering, among other publications – to survey engineers about their preferences and behaviors online. The official survey results will be launched later this quarter, but we didn’t want to wait to share a few highlights from the findings.

Over 700 participants in North America completed the survey, and primarily qualified themselves as in R&D/Engineering departments (>60%) or General Management (>20%). One of the first highlights is respondents’ opinions about content.

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A 15-Point Checklist to Evaluate Your B2B Technical Website

Today, we’re revisiting TREW Marketing’s evaluation guide for B2B technical websites, a guide for technical business leaders marketing their products and services online. Available for download on our site, the checklist addresses 15 ways to grow the impact of your website, including expert tips on:

  • Clean designB2B technical website checklist
  • Intuitive navigational paths
  • Informative graphics
  • Clear company positioning
  • Compelling, succinct, and fresh content year-round
  • Landing pages that convert visitors to leads
  • On-page SEO actions to get found by your audience
  • Social media promotion
  • Lead nurture with email automation


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CFE Media and TREW Ask: What do engineers really think of marketing?

What do engineers really think of marketing?


If you market to engineers and scientists and want to know the answers to these questions, we’d like your help to get the word out about this survey: Content Marketing to Engineers. If you are an engineer, we invite you to complete the survey to help us marketers help you find the information you need to do your job. The survey is a result of a partnership between TREW Marketing and CFE Media – publisher of popular magazines such as Control Engineering. Today we’re announcing the survey, and in about a month, we’ll be back on this blog sharing the results.

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Drive Higher Growth by Educating v. Pitching

By Bruce McDuffee, author of The Manufacturer’s Growth Manifesto

Are you tired of single-digit organic growth? Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything, from increasing spend on R&D and big product launches to trade show and Google ads, and any number of other schemes to push your products in order to increase revenue. Nothing seems to work. Don’t worry, read on.

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Thursday Trends: We Exceedingly Trust People Like Us

From deciding at which restaurant to dine, to which cell phone we should buy, to which vendor we should use, we often call on the advice of our peers to help make this decision. And, while decision-making has become increasingly crowd-sourced, the choice itself has become more personal. As consumers, we expect things that are more tailored to individual needs.

The factors that guide our personal decisions are also closely linked to those we use in business.

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Thursday Trends: Stats Show Why Lead Nurturing is a Critical Element in Your Marketing Funnel

Buyers perform extensive research online before purchasing products and services, proportionate to the complexity of the purchase, and we know it is critical for companies to be found online and to nurture leads. In his October 2013 article, Ian Brodie, Author and Marketing Coach at The Rainmaker Academy, states, “The more expensive, the more complex, the more important, the more risky that the purchase is, and the less that your customer already knows about you; the more it takes before they’ll be ready to buy.”

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Thursday Trends: B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends

How does your lead generation stack up against other B2B technology companies? The B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, comprised of more than 42,000 marketing professionals in software and high-tech industries, did a survey of their group to gather trends in lead generation. More than 800 respondents were tallied to create the report, and here are the highlights.

Generating high-quality leads is the number one challenge for B2B marketers, followed by converting leads into customers, and creating meaningful content.

Biggest B2B Lead Generation Challenges

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Thursday Trends: When Can I Expect Traffic and Leads?

You have decided to implement marketing automation software. You have a plan in place to write a white paper or record a webinar, and you’re anxious to start getting traffic and leads. But how long should it take – what is realistic to expect in terms of seeing results?

HubSpot asked just that in a recent survey to their customers and the results remind us we have to be patient. In their survey, over 92% of respondents reported an increase in traffic after implementing the software. But how long did it take for that traffic increase to come? Here is what they reported:

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Source: HubSpot Academy – Delivering Inbound Services Class


As you can see in the chart, over 80% report that seeing an increase in traffic takes 2-4 months or more. For the majority of that 80%, it takes 2-7 months to really get some traction. So, if you want to increase your traffic 100% in the first month, you likely want to consider stats like these and to reset your expectations.

Similary, HubSpot asked about leads and again, nearly 93% of respondents reported an increase in web leads after implementing the software. As far as when they saw this increase in leads, here is what respondents said:


Again, as with web traffic, you are looking at 2-7 months for most businesses to see a real increase in leads. This is not a coincidence since, for most sites, traffic and leads go hand in hand.

It’s important to set realistic expectations. And of course, little to no traffic or leads will come if you don’t have anything to share.

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