Social Media Tips from Two of Texas Pros; Top 25 Social Media Winners

We can see from this week’s Facebook debacle that social media has clearly become a critical part of any organization’s overall marketing strategy. With one post on consumer-advocacy blog about Facebook’s changes to their Terms of Service, concerns among the social networking site’s 175 million users quickly spread. This crisis started and ended in the social media realm – it broke on a blog, spread through Facebook and Twitter, and was resolved back on Facebook.

With this backdrop, we thought we’d ask a couple of local Austin social media pros who were recently named among the 25 others as Texas Top Social Media Winners – David Neff of the American Cancer Society and Lisa Goddard of the Capital Area Food Bank –  for their social media tips.

David’s video tips

Lisa’s top 5 tips for social media.

1. Keep your tweets organized.  As your “friend and follow” list grows, it’s easy to miss out on good information from people you’re following.  I like to use to make sure I’m following the people I want to follow. TweetDeck is great to help me keep on top of legislative news, learn about food bankers across the nation using Twitter, and find the latest local news and buzz.
2. Make it personal if you’re raising money online for a cause so people can relate to your passion. Asking someone to donate to the Food Bank because of the impact hurricane evacuees have on your community, or because children don’t have access to school meals in the summer is a heckuva lot more compelling than just a general ask.  Show the impact.
3. Give your site a makeover, and often.  Freshen up your Twitter profile page with a new skin design or change the photo header on your blog.  It’s another simple way to communicate what’s new with you and show your creativity.
4. Don’t go overboard with hashtags. Sometimes it’s to your benefit to associate with an existing hashtag versus creating a new one.  For CAFB’s legislative initiatives, we’re using the exisiting #txlege tag so people interested in the 81st Texas Legislative session will also see what we’re doing and associate our nonprofit with public policy efforts. For events, a new hashtag makes sense.
5. Say “thank you”. I can’t stress that enough.

Thanks to David and Lisa for being guests on the TREW Marketing Spotlight!

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